Yup, a WebPT Membership is pretty darn fantastic—just ask this PT clinic or this PT, OT, and sports medicine practice. Because even with a basic membership, you score a whole host of truly web-based, therapy-specific tools and resources that are anything but basic. In fact, they’ll help you be better in business. Here’s just a handful:

Whew! That’s a lot, right? And that’s not even an exhaustive list. WebPT is always adding new features to the application that’ll make your professional life easier—and you can can access them all anywhere, anytime, from any web browser. Plus, WebPT offers quite a few extras that you can add onto your basic membership to turn your WebPT experience into an even more comprehensive clinical solution:

Front Office Package

If you’ve made your back office paperless, you’ve obviously seen the benefits—including more space, more time, and better organization. So, why not make your front office paperless, too? With the WebPT Front Office Package, you can schedule and track patients’ appointments, send automatic appointment reminders, and use eDoc to upload important patient documents with the click of a mouse. No more double booking, fumbling with paper calendars, or misplacing patient prescriptions.


  • Book, change, and remove patient appointments
  • Set recurring patient appointments and meetings
  • Drag and drop to reschedule appointments
  • Track no-shows and cancellations
  • See multiple therapists’ calendars in one view with color coding
  • Create calendars and assign color codes for rooms or machines that require reservations
  • Monitor Medicare patients’ progress toward the therapy cap within appointment entries

Automated Appointment Reminders

  • Send automatic appointment reminders to patients via text, email, or phone
  • Reduce costly no-shows by as much as 30%
  • Relieve front office staff from time-consuming patient calls
  • Increase patient engagement with professional reminders


  • Upload external documents (like diagnostic images, patient-signed consent forms, physician referrals, and prescriptions) directly into your patients’ records
  • Create an online archive of information on each patient that anyone on your team can access
  • Fax and email patient notes directly from the system

Patient Intake Tool

Using the patient intake tool, you can embed a customizable intake form into your website for patients to complete prior to their first office visit. This only reduces your patients’ wait time—thus creating a better patient experience—but also saves you time, as the information that the patient enters transfers directly into WebPT, where you can then review it and easily establish a patient record. No more correcting manual data-entry errors or trying to decipher a patient’s chicken-scratch handwriting. Plus, you can customize the patient intake form to include specific data fields, your clinic logo, and your preferred color scheme.


Health care is shifting to a pay-for-performance environment, which means it’s more important than ever for therapists to have the tools necessary to prove their value. That’s where WebPT Outcomes comes in: as an integrated outcomes tracking solution, WebPT Outcomes provides physical and occupational therapists with a quick, easy way to collect patient outcomes data directly within the EMR. Featuring industry-standard outcome measurement tools, satisfaction surveys, and a library of detailed, comparative reports, WebPT Outcomes delivers objective benchmarking for performance and patient care optimization. With Outcomes, WebPT Members can:

  • Collect, monitor, and compare outcomes data from every patient for every therapist in every clinic—all within one system.
  • Access a diverse library of evidence-based, industry-accepted tests that are already familiar to—and respected within—the healthcare community at large.
  • Ensure accurate comparisons across patient types with risk-adjusted tests that account for complicating factors (i.e., comorbidities), such as age, weight, litigation, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Improve overall patient care as well as therapist, clinic, and company performance with a library of visual reports that make it easy to identify and monitor trends.

Home Exercise Program (HEP)

Prescribed home exercise is a key component of patient rehab and recovery, so it can be more than a little frustrating when patients don’t correctly follow your prescribed program. Make compliance easier for them with the WebPT Home Exercise program, which includes thousands of videos, color photos, drawings, and instructions that you can email directly to your patients. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the peer-reviewed preset profiles, create your own! Here are some of the great HEP benefits:

  • Increase compliance by emailing on-the-go patients exercises they can review and complete anytime, anywhere
  • Spend more time treating your patients instead of retraining exercises
  • Access peer-reviewed exercise profiles directly from the patient flowsheet


Whether you choose WebPT’s billing service or our billing software, you can kiss double data-entry goodbye, because all your billing information automatically transfers from your documentation to your billing solution—and that means cleaner claims. And with WebPT’s comprehensive training program, you and your staff will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Billing Software

WebPT’s billing software, Therabill, connects directly to the WebPT EMR, eliminating duplicate data-entry and reducing coding errors for faster, more consistent payments. And, with unlimited claims submission and support, credit card processing, auto-eligibility checks, a patient portal, and an integrated clearinghouse—at no extra cost—WebPT’s billing software enables rehab therapists to maximize their AR.

Billing Service

The WebPT Billing Service offers transparent, secure, and real-time access to more than 150 daily, weekly, and monthly billing reports, so you always know how your clinic’s faring. Plus, once a quarter, your expert billing team will review your billing report card with you and discuss best practices to help you improve your clinic’s billing health.

If you’re not yet a Member and you’d like to learn more, click here to schedule a free, no-hassle online demo. If you’re already a WebPT Member and you’d like to learn more about adding any of the extras discussed above, contact our Member Value team at membervalue@webpt.com.