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Practice Management

Seamlessly run your business with an all-in-one platform.

From referral to retention, WebPT’s PXM Platform helps solve rehab therapy business needs  unified, scalable solutions that offer end-to-end practice management.

Do business with a trusted partner

Instead of using multiple piecemeal solutions that only cover some of your organization’s needs, get the platform that does it all—providing you with one company to do business with for every step of the patient and clinic journey.

Don’t get stuck with one-size-fits-all software.

With multiple in-house options for marketing, clinical operations, billing, security, and practice intelligence solutions, you can assemble a customized package of products to manage and grow your business successfully.

Security and compliance

Effortlessly safeguard your data and stay compliant.

Keep your patient and employee information secure with the highest level of data protection in the industry while staying HIPAA compliant and current on the latest regulatory requirements.

Secure your data with the best of the best.

Trust in the world’s best-known standard for data security, ISO-27001, to protect your organization’s most sensitive information.

Put an end to password juggling.

Give your team a login process that’s simple and secure, with one set of credentials for each employee and multi-factor authentication.

Connect WebPT with an identity provider of your choosing.

With Federated Login, you can easily administer multiple locations with company-wide user-based permissions and centralized user management.

Stay compliant without any added effort.

Rely on our in-house compliance experts and automatic documentation software updates to ensure you’re always up to date on the newest government and payer rules.

Security for Enterprise Organizations from WebPT's PXM platform
clinical operations therapy software for enterprise organizations

Make it easier for your staff to do their jobs.

Empower your team and streamline clinical operations with solutions designed to make it easier for rehab therapists to manage their practices while providing top-notch patient care.

Supercharge documentation.

Enhance clinical productivity and outcomes with an EMR that allows your clinicians to document quickly and compliantly. Plus, WebPT offers template customization to configure and standardize note requirements across your organization.

Jump-start charting.

Use out-of-the-box profiles and seamless integrations with completed patient intake forms and outcome surveys to get a head start on your notes.

Streamline front-office operations.

Reduce busy work for your staff with front-office solutions like insurance eligibility verification and automatic appointment reminders—giving them more time to focus on the patient experience.


Power growth and expansion.

Get the software you need to handle billing in-house without the headache or outsource it entirely with our team of trusted Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) experts.

Save time and maximize collections.

Leverage proprietary billing workflows and therapy-centric claims scrubbing protocols with WebPT Billing. Perfect for larger organizations, it syncs front office, back office, and patient workflows to reduce errors and increase reimbursements.

Partner with the industry’s RCM wizards.

Trust your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to the leading rehab therapy billing experts with over 30 years of experience—and watch as your reimbursements soar.

Enterprise grade billing solutions from WebPT
Advanced analytics from enterprise organizations

Optimize your practice performance.

Obtain real-time insights and data analytics—directly from the WebPT platform—to monitor your entire practice performance and make data-backed decisions that help increase revenue and scale your business.

Make data-backed business decisions.

Quickly get a pulse on performance at the staff, clinic, and company levels, and identify long-term trends with our analytics tools and custom reports that drill into the details.

Get the insights you need to grow.

With customizable dashboards that offer a wide array of actionable data visualization options, you can import your existing business intelligence system or start fresh with ours to help spot growth opportunities.

Harness the power of AI and predictive analytics.

Drive revenue and increase compliance with the addition of PredictionHealth. This solution uses AI to search 100% of your notes to detect compliance risks and offer actionable insights to improve coding and maximize reimbursement.

WebPT is more than software; our team fully invests in your organization’s success.
"WebPT is at the heart of our business. It’s accelerated our path to success and made us hugely successful as a startup."
“The WebPT team delivered. The rollout and use of WebPT have gone smoothly…The integration and implementation process was very well done. The onboarding team was very responsive [and] WebPT is committed to meeting the needs of our network.”

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Attract and Retain
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Build lifelong relationships with new and existing patients by engaging them throughout—and after—their course of care.
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Turn first impressions into lasting ones with front-office solutions that streamline intake and scheduling, saving valuable time.
Simplify Front Office Operations
Equip your staff with tools that align with their clinical workflows—enabling them to focus more of their energy on treating and healing
Increase Revenue
Ignite revenue growth, maximize financial performance and propel your practice toward scaleable growth -- at a pace that works for you.


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