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Improve clinic operations and achieve better patient outcomes by letting your software do the heavy lifting.

Simplify operations and focus on treating your patients.

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Spend less time on notes—and more time healing patients.

The WebPT EMR is the most trusted in the industry because it was designed by therapists for therapists. With user-friendly workflows built specifically for rehab therapy, you can easily create custom evaluation profiles, complete auto-scored outcome measurement tools, and choose from the most current evidence-based tests available—all from a secure, cloud-based platform you can access anytime, anywhere.

"Having used other software programs in the past, WebPT is far superior in it's layout and specificity of information for the PT setting. I specifically am pleased with the amount of free-form input you can use, but there are also many things that are point-and-click to speed entry."
Virtual Visits

Increase engagement by meeting patients where they are.

Ensure continuity of care and increase revenue by seeing patients virtually when they can’t travel to an in-person appointment. With seamless integration with the WebPT EMR, Virtual Visits offer a live, secure, and HIPAA-compliant two-way video for patients and therapists to interact—allowing you to provide treatment and complete documentation similarly to your in-clinic workflow.

"WebPT will help you grow your practice sustainably and differentiate yourself from other clinics.”
Home Exercise Programs (HEP)

Keep patients on track and achieve better outcomes.

Home exercise programs (HEPs) encourage patients to stay on track and get more out of their in-person appointments. WebPT HEP helps you create home exercise plans in minutes with custom templates and an ever-expanding library of photo and video exercises your patients can access anywhere, on any device—keeping them more engaged and resulting in optimal treatment outcomes.

"HEP is very good, has excellent features to save and copy, an excellent app, and many exercises available."
Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Get paid for the care you provide between appointments.

Check-in on your patient’s progress and provide real-time, personalized guidance outside the walls of your clinic—leading to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) increases clinic revenue by tracking the time spent monitoring and engaging with patients between visits, so you can bill for the RTM codes.

"Super awesome quote from one of our members about howusing this feature really changed their business for the better"

Prove your value and enhance patient care.

Leverage the power of data to improve your business and quality of care with WebPT’s outcomes tracking solutions. Collect patient data to objectively demonstrate your clinical performance and share this information with key stakeholders to negotiate higher reimbursements, achieve optimal MIPS scores, and ultimately enhance patient care.

"WebPT Outcomes helps us identify areas of strength and opportunity at both the clinic and therapist level. Therapists with strong scores can then provide internal training or mentorship to others, which allows us to continually improve our overall outcomes. In fact, we have seen a 10% increase in patient satisfaction scores—and that is a direct result of WebPT Outcomes."

Rehab therapists with the best clinical outcomes choose WebPT.

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"It just made sense: no server, no IT, no updates to buy, Web-based, compliant, simple interface, and constant new features"


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“We realized our therapists are not coding right. When we make these changes we get $3–$8 more per one code per day that's $6,000 more per year for one provider.”
“The WebPT team delivered. The rollout and use of WebPT have gone smoothly…The integration and implementation process was very well done. The onboarding team was very responsive [and] WebPT is committed to meeting the needs of our network.”
"Most therapists and front office staff have already had WebPT experience and it doesn't require a lot of training for new hires. Very user friendly."
"Total package for your business with WebPT. "
"WebPT has been simple to use, and the onboarding team was wonderful and flexible. As a newer small business, WebPT has been an invaluable part of getting our business off the ground. We are over 1 year into our business, and it is still meeting all of our needs. I have used several other EMR systems, and they are much more difficult to use."
"I have been very happy with the services provided by Web PT and they are adaptable to outpatient physical and occupational therapy."
"We started out very small and their price/services met all of our needs. We continue to grow and they meet all of our demands."
WebPT was well suited for our business to slowly launch and begin to treat patients in 2019. It was easy to begin and start using on a small scale. I enjoy the ease of use of the system. I also like how professional the documentation looks once a therapist signs off.
"I find WebPT to be very user friendly and necessary for my PT business needs. It is easy for me to document notes and fax them to doctors. The documentation is set up to include everything I need to bill insurance companies and I have had no problems receiving reimbursement."
"WebPT delivers. WebPT is an excellent EMR for a private PT practice."
"We utilize WebPT for our physical therapy patients. The product allows us to be more compliant, it's user friendly, and makes billing extremely easy."
"WebPT is great!"
"Making the move from paper charts to electronic medical records was a breeze with WebPT!"
"Hands down the best solution for your practice."
"WebPT is a great solution for private PT practices. It works great for staying on top of the complex medical landscape involving regulatory, legal, and third party billing compliance. They have an easy to use system for MIPS and are on top of the latest trends in the industry."
"Great for those that bill insurance as the integration from WebPT to TheraBill is seamless. EDI billing through Therabill is some of the best in the industry. It is mostly point & click submission and reconciliation which needs little actual knowledge of billing/coding."
"The customer service is top notch! Anytime I need anything I can call or email and get a response almost immediately. Web PT has made my job as the manager so much easier."
"WebPT Rocks!"
"Customization is key. Literally. The ability to customize the schedule, the ability to write notes without signatures, the ability to create individual cases within a chart. Those are all things I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I appreciated greatly in WebPT."
"WebPT offers a seamless solution to run our entire practice."
"EMR that produces excellence."
"WebPT - EHR platform of choice. WebPT has been well suited for all of my PT, OT, ST clients with no complications."
"Small business dream. Overall the program is very user-friendly and intuitive to use. Things flow nicely from one thing to the next and one entry point to the next, so it does not feel like you have to duplicate the information."
"We are a new start up clinic that WebPT has made it very simple to start this clinic. It took the scary paperwork and billing process and reduced it to a easy to operate clinic. Love the scheduling and the EMR processes."
"WebPT is well suited for day-to-day physical therapy documentation, scheduling, and insurance billing."
"WebPT works well as an integrated software system that combines the ERM and billing in one package."
"For my physical therapy clinic, it works great as I can do everything from start to finish within the software. Intake to discharge."
"WebPT is the BEST of the BEST! HANDS DOWN THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK! Customer Service is A-#1 in a world where excellent customer service is a thing of the past!"
"The practices I work with who use WebPT have little to no issues with the software, and working in the billing department, I typically don't encounter many issues either and find that I can complete my job duties easily."
"It is easy to work with and you can learn the system intuitively. There are many easy to use options and I like how convenient it is."
"WebPT fits perfectly with our outpatient PT practice; it covers all or most of the admin issues that come up. I suspect practice would be a lot more challenging without it."
“Build lifelong relationships with new and existing patients by engaging them throughout—and after—their course of care.”
“Build lifelong relationships with new and existing patients by engaging them throughout—and after—their course of care.”
“Build lifelong relationships with new and existing patients by engaging them throughout—and after—their course of care.”

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Build lifelong relationships with new and existing patients by engaging them throughout—and after—their course of care.
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Turn first impressions into lasting ones with front-office solutions that streamline intake and scheduling, saving valuable time.
Simplify Front Office Operations
Equip your staff with tools that align with their clinical workflows—enabling them to focus more of their energy on treating and healing
Increase Revenue
Ignite revenue growth, maximize financial performance and propel your practice toward scaleable growth -- at a pace that works for you.
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