Find out what your patients are really thinking.

Use Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) surveys to collect meaningful, real-time feedback that’ll paint a more accurate, complete picture of the patient experience in your practice. That way, you’ll identify dissatisfied patients earlier in the care journey, allowing you to course-correct and thus, retain more patients.

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Improve your clinic’s online presence.

Online reviews are the cornerstone of modern word-of-mouth marketing. Most patients research their healthcare options online before they ever schedule an appointment—and the more positive reviews your practice has, the more likely those patients are to seek out your services. Our software not only helps you identify your most satisfied patients, but also streamlines the process for asking those patients to publish reviews online. Ultimately, that means getting more new patients through your doors—and driving more top-line revenue for your practice.

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Picture of Dave Manzo
When we do Google searches, all of our clinics now rank in slot number one or number two; that is a direct result of WebPT Reach.

Dave Manzo

Director of Operations, Atlantic Physical Therapy

Increase retention and referrals.

Set up automated email campaigns that deliver the right content to the right patient at the right time—thus increasing engagement and reducing dropout rates. Plus, stay in contact with past patients so you’ll always be top of mind should they—or their friends and family members—need therapy services in the future.

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Pick a package that perfectly fits your practice.

  • Reach

    Available exclusively for WebPT EMR users, Reach Standard provides pre-loaded automated marketing campaigns that enable you to better retain and reactivate patients as well as boost your practice’s online presence.

  • Reach

    This EMR-agnostic edition of Reach includes a premium patient relationship management application—complete with a powerful marketing automation tool that allows you to create custom campaigns—as well as an interactive home exercise program.

  • Reach

    This enhanced version of Reach Professional is compatible with almost any EMR or EHR and includes enterprise-specific features such as custom domain names, custom in-app branding (i.e., white-labeling), and a premium onboarding experience tailored to your organization’s needs.

  • Feedback

    Tired of patient dropout?
    We can help.

    Consistently deliver relevant content and collect actionable feedback—making patients more engaged and less likely to leave therapy early.

  • Rocket Star

    Need to boost online reviews? We’re on it.

    Pinpoint your most satisfied patients and turn them into praise-singing, review-writing brand evangelists who’ll improve your reputation and clout online and in your community.

  • Patient

    Want to create a patient-centered care environment?
    We’ve got your back.

    Leverage real-time patient feedback to adjust your clinical and operational workflows and ensure patients are paired with the therapists best suited to their needs.

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