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Gateway Physical Therapy Streamlines Operations, Boosts Caseloads, and Garners Physician Respect

A WebPT Member since 2011, Gateway Physical Therapy sailed through two federal audits as a result of fully compliant documentation.

Thanks to WebPT's robust reports, Gateway Physical Therapy as seen an increase in caseload by 10%. See the case study here!

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December 1, 2018
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In 2011, Nita Chen—along with her husband, Gordon Chen—started Gateway Physical Therapy in Keller, Texas. In addition to providing outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services, Gateway offers weight loss and sports performance programs. Chen brings more than 20 years of experience in the physical therapy space to her role as Gateway’s chief financial officer (CFO).


The biggest challenge Gateway Physical Therapy faced wasn’t the amount of time—and paper—it took to document compliantly (although that certainly was a burden). The real struggle was having to organize all those notes—and ensure that all of their documentation was complete and accounted for. According to Chen, efficiency was a problem.


Thankfully, the team found WebPT. “It was the best product on the market,” Chen said—and she and her team did their research. In fact, Chen had previously used several other systems, including NueMD, Medisoft, and Kareo—all of which require that therapists build their own documents. “Who has time for that?” Chen said. “We don’t. WebPT did all the hard work for us.”

According to Chen, WebPT has helped the team become more efficient and “save time and money.” They particularly enjoy using the system’s easy scheduling functionality; accessing the system anytime, anywhere (especially from home); and sending “documents to doctors with a click of a button.”

“You can’t go wrong using WebPT. This software will make your practice run smoothly and effortlessly… Nothing compares to them. WebPT stays current with the changing times—and it takes the pressure off of physical therapy clinics. That way, we can focus on patient care—not software.”


In addition to enabling the Gateway Physical Therapy team to improve their efficiency, WebPT has helped them remain compliant: “[The system] makes you cross your t’s and dot your i’s,” Chen said. “WebPT makes sure we follow all guidelines for documentation—and you have to do that in order to stay compliant.” This level of compliance security has come in handy for Gateway Physical Therapy—twice. In two separate audits (one for Medicare and one for Medicaid), representatives asked the team to provide their documentation for review. However, once Chen informed the reps that Gateway used WebPT, the representatives automatically assumed they were compliant and thus “barely looked at [their] paperwork.” The Medicaid rep even went so far as to say, “Oh, if you use WebPT, we know your paperwork is in order.”

And if coasting through two federal audits weren’t enough, Gateway Physical Therapy’s use of WebPT has also garnered an extra dose of respect from local physicians. “Doctors love the reports we send them,” Chen said. The level of credibility Gateway has built with local physicians has even led to opportunities to join those providers’ networks—at Baylor and Texas Health Resources, for example—which actually have their own PT clinics. Chen estimates that this has helped increase Gateway’s caseload by 10%.

"We love WebPT and have nothing but good things to say about the software. Even tech support is wonderful. I would like to say thank you."

"We love WebPT and have nothing but good things to say about the software. Even tech support is wonderful. I would like to say thank you."

Nita Chen


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