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WebPT helps PTs, OTs, and SLPs create documentation that is correct, complete, and compliant.


Document Efficiently

Use our physical therapy EMR to create and send specialty-specific documentation, including initial examinations, progress notes, daily notes, customizable flowsheets, and discharge summaries. Plus, fax and email directly from the system for free.

Document Securely

Securely enter and save patient data anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device—and do it confidently as we’re fully HIPAA-compliant.

Document Defensibly

Make Medicare compliance a breeze with our integrated solutions for PQRS (we’re a certified registry!), functional limitation reporting, the therapy cap, and the 8-minute rule.

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WebPT integrates your clinic’s schedule with your patient records, allowing you to work efficiently.


Access Clinic Schedules Anywhere

View and edit schedules for patients, therapists, or treatment rooms with the click of a mouse.

Automatically Send Reminders

Reduce cancellations and no-shows by as much as 30% by sending patient appointment reminders via text, email, or phone.

Upload External Files

With eDoc, you can upload external patient documents like diagnostic images, intake forms, physician referrals, and signed plans of care directly into the patient chart.

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Practice Management

Improve operational decision-making with real-time business intelligence and compliance reporting.


Generate Reports

From referral tracking to missed note alerts, WebPT offers a suite of business reports to help you foster productivity and efficiency in your clinic.

Monitor Your Medicare Compliance

There’s a lot to keep straight when it comes to Medicare. That’s why we provide an array of compliance solutions and reports to ensure you’re always on your A-game.

Foster Accountability

With WebPT, clinic administrators can manage user permissions, track productivity, and audit staff activity.

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Whether you need an RCM service or billing software, WebPT has a solution that fits your business.

Envelope with money

Reduce Claim Errors

Both our billing software and RCM service automatically carry over all of your billing information from your documentation to your billing sheet—so you never have to worry about entering the wrong code or wasting time on double data entry.

Drive Profits

WebPT offers HIPAA-compliant systems; real-time analytics; patient invoicing and billing; and secure patient portals. No more chasing down data, claim statuses, or payments.

Save Time

Go beyond merely streamlining your clinic’s billing process. With WebPT, you get super simple and user-friendly billing interfaces, detailed activity logs, and one invoice from one company.

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WebPT Outcomes


WebPT offers the only fully-integrated outcomes tracking software for physical and occupational therapists.


Enhance Patient Care

Collect and track patient feedback to manage care quality on a per-therapist, per-clinic, and per-company level.

Improve Clinic Productivity

Identify trends in patient care and make adjustments to improve therapist effectiveness and clinic efficiency.

See How You Stack Up

Monitor overall clinic and company performance metrics, and compare those numbers with national averages.

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  • Jobs

    Protect Your Practice

    Staying compliant with all those pesky Medicare regulations is a tall order—especially on your own. But with WebPT’s built-in features and alerts, you’ve got a compliance easy-button. Learn more

  • Maintain cash flow.

    Maintain Cash Flow

    Medicare compliance is no joke. Noncompliance with most regulations will land your practice with steep penalties or flat-out denied reimbursements. Our physical therapy EMR will help ensure your practice gets all the reimbursements it deserves. Learn more

  • Stay informed.

    Stay Informed

    As a therapist, you’ve got a lot on your plate—and thumbing through dense Medicare policies probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. Let us help. We take all those weighty documents and create straightforward educational resources and interactive learning tools—all tailored to PTs, OTs, and SLPs.Learn more

WebPT Benefits

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Home Exercise Program

Prescribed home exercise is a key part of patient recovery and rehab. Make it easy for patients to stay compliant at home with the WebPT Home Exercise Program.Learn more

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WebPT’s built-in alerts, reports, and tools help you stay PQRS, functional limitation reporting, 8-minute rule, and therapy cap compliant. Plus, we’ve got you covered for all things HIPAA and ICD-10.Learn more

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Great Support

Not only do WebPT Members get the best EMR solution around, but they also enjoy unlimited phone and email access to a team of dedicated system and compliance experts.

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Easy to Use

Better tell your patients’ stories—and save time in the process thanks to dropdown checklists, auto-completing text boxes, and an intuitive workflow.

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This is an eCommerce site chock full of the therapy products you need for your practice, all for a fraction of the retail price.Learn more

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WebPT was created by a physical therapist for other therapists, so you’ll have a solution designed with you and your workflow in mind. Think intuitive SOAP notes, referral tracking, and up-to-date compliance features.

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With WebPT, you’ll be better organized, more productive, and more efficient because all of your important information—records, calendars, and claims—is just a click away. Plus, you can fax directly from the system.

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Billing Integrations

Does your clinic use a separate billing software? No problem. WebPT integrates with several top billing programs, including Kareo, AdvancedMD, TheraBill, and CollaborateMD.Learn More

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WebPT is completely web-based, which means you needn’t worry about internal servers, IT staff, or manual downloads. All you need is a web browser, an Internet connection, and poof—you’re experiencing the latest and greatest in EMR.

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Free Training

WebPT is so intuitive that our top-of-the-line training staff will have you and your clinic up and running in a matter of hours. Have a lingering question? No worries. Give support a call anytime—for free.

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WebPT Members report saving thousands of dollars every year with WebPT thanks to increased productivity, improved reimbursements, and better business insight—not to mention all the money they’re not spending on paper, ink, and manila folders.

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Access from Anywhere

With WebPT, you’ll be able to securely schedule, document, and bill from anywhere, at anytime. No more staying at the office late to finish your administrative work.

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