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Pelvic Health Therapy

Create efficiencies and prioritize quality care with our Pelvic Health Module, designed specifically for outpatient rehab.

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Niche-based therapies—like pelvic health therapy—play a valuable role in providing specialized care to underserved patient populations. WebPT knows that the care you provide is specific and requires a level of discretion. That’s why we developed a pelvic health module that perfectly aligns with your workflow.

Use tools specific to pelvic rehabilitation.

Our Pelvic Health Module includes subjective content like pregnancy, bladder, and bowel diagnostic questions as well as an expanded medical history, and objective measures like:

  • Continence Grading Scale
  • Pain Disability Index Testing
  • NIH-Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index for Men and Women
  • Pelvic Floor Distress Inventory
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Pregnancy Mobility Index Testing
  • Vulvar Pain Functional Questionnaire
physical therapist attending a pregnant woman's pelvic area

Represent your practice.

Every document you create within WebPT will feature the physical therapy specialty label as well as your clinic’s name and logo. That way, the source and content of your emails or faxes will be clear to recipients. Even better: You can email and fax as much as you want directly from within WebPT.

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Represent your profession.

WebPT is committed to helping our Members succeed in using our products, but we’re also dedicated to helping our Members be skilled clinicians and leaders in their fields. That’s why we provide customizable onboarding, training, support, and educational content—all reviewed by our in-house team of rehab therapy practitioners and experts.

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