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Use software designed for speech therapy workflows.

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outpatient speech-language pathology.

WebPT has been committed to providing a top-notch software platform for outpatient speech therapy providers since its inception more than a decade ago. Over the years, we’ve been perfecting our SLP solutions—everything from documentation and outcomes to billing and home exercise programs—based on feedback from our large Member base of speech therapists.

“We use WebPT to record the patient’s entire therapy experience. It allows us to be thorough, and it safely maintains records…The documents are professional and comprehensive.”

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Michelle Underhill, MA, CCC-SLP

Owner, Northern Colorado Therapy Services, LLC

Use tools specific to speech therapy.

The WebPT EMR’s SLP Module features speech-specific subjective content, like oral-motor issues, vocal quality, and behavioral issues, as well as objective content, like stage of swallowing, language expression, and speech intelligibility. Plus, we’ve integrated this module with our Pediatrics Module, so you can easily work within a combined SLP and Pediatrics Documentation Profile. Lastly, WebPT includes SLP billing codes, Medicare therapy threshold tracking, and treatment profile and template customization.

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Represent your practice.

Documents you create within WebPT will feature both an SLP label and your practice’s name and logo, so the source and content of your emailed and faxed documents (which you can send directly out of WebPT) are clear to referring recipients, like referring providers.

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Represent your profession.

WebPT is the leading speech therapy software. But, we aren’t limited to being just the best technology solution. We also are committed to providing top-notch educational content and customer support. That way, our Members feel confident not only as WebPT users, but as providers, professionals, and business owners, too.

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See why WebPT is the
best software for speech-language pathologists.

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