Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar on Cloud technology last week. If you missed the broadcast, you can view the recorded version here at anytime. I wanted to debrief everyone on the highlights of the webinar and also share some of the questions that were asked by attendees.

Here were some of the most common questions about Cloud technology:

  • Where is my data stored?
    If any of you have used a server-based system in the past, you know that your data was stored underneath your desk or in a closet/private room at your facility. In a cloud-based system, your data is stored in a maximum-security facility complete with armed guards and retina scanning technology.
  • How is my data backed up?
    The data is backed up regularly and stored in separate, yet equally secure, geographic locations to protect against natural disasters of any kind. In the cloud, your data is protected against flood, fire, burglary, or any other type of unfortunate event that could more easily happen at your clinic. Physical Therapy of Joplin, a WebPT member, was struck by the deadly tornadoes earlier this year. Because their data was stored in our cloud, they were able to recover all their patient information as soon as Internet access was restored.
  • What about hackers?
    WebPT uses the same SSL encryption that is standard for all online banking applications that you use on a daily basis. The federal government uses this same type of encryption for all of their data and communications. WebPT also employs specialized staff who are well versed in online security measures and who look at ways to further improve security everyday.

  • How about security tips?
    Clinic owners also asked for security tips and measures to do whatever they can on the ground level.   
    • Strong Passwords - Making sure that your staff uses passwords that use letters, numbers and characters is a good idea. These types of passwords are much harder to crack than using your dog’s name or your favorite color as your password. 
    • Change Password Policy - Implementing a procedure where your staff periodically changes their passwords is also a good practice for increased security. 
    • Logout - Although most cloud applications will log you out after a period of inactivity, WebPT included, you should make sure that you log out each time you are done. This will make sure that nobody in your office is peeking at your screen when you aren’t at your desk. 
    • Regulations - Finally, one of the most important security measures is to educate your staff on the newest regulations. We know this can be a lot to keep track of, but it’s very important to keep up with all of the latest HIPPA regulations.


Be sure to check our Upcoming Webinars page for next month’s Webinar.

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