Practice Experience Podcast: Using AI to Streamline Rehab Therapy Workflows

Find out how AI relies on the human connection and how you can use AI to streamline rehab therapy workflows in this episode.

Ryan Giebel
5 min read
November 16, 2023
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Have you ever wished there was a simpler way to document while ensuring the notes you create are still compliant, defensible, and result in effective payment for your services? From the moment generative artificial intelligence (AI) entered the lexicon of buzzworthy news, there has been no shortage of conjecture as to what AI will do to the physical therapy industry. Well, one company has been working on this concept long before AI was a hot topic, and they have a solution to use AI to streamline rehab therapy documentation and compliance. 

In this episode of The Practice Experience Podcast, WebPT Product Marketing Manager, Liz Heckmuller, PT, DPT, sits down with Pedro Texeira, MD, PhD, CEO and co-founder of PredictionHealth, to discuss what AI means for healthcare professionals and how it can be an administrative assistant to accelerate and optimize the care providers give to their clients.

To help bring us into the future of Practice Experience Management (PXM), Liz and Pedro will tackle subjects like: 

  • how AI works as a digital assistant,
  • how AI boosts your clinics’ value, and
  • where AI is headed in the future for healthcare providers.

Episode Highlights

On Why PredictionHealth Chose Rehab Therapy

Pedro: [We] found this really great compliance and CPT challenge in physical therapy practices where it seemed like our models and the tools that we've been building would be a great fit. And now here we are with PredictionHealth's practice intel tool helping a lot of different folks see where there are opportunities to improve their practice.

On How Pattern Recognition Optimizes Clinic Workflows

Pedro: [When analyzing data,] we have seen some neat patterns for when people are more likely to potentially pick the wrong code and miss out on an opportunity to do a more advanced code. The therapist is doing all these advanced things with the patient and then they're picking a therapeutic exercise. That's one of the key things that we have seen as we go through notes. We find these patterns and then we can point out, “Hey, this person doesn't realize that this could have been a neuro instead or a therapeutic exercise or activity.” That's a really important pattern to recognize as it affects clinics’ bottom line.

On the Human Connection

Pedro: There are these very human characteristics that we have that are very critical and that a robot's not perfectly good at doing nor is it trained to do… I think a lot of those more administrative, boring tasks are something AI will get quite good at helping us with…I think there's a lot of reason for optimism, hope, and excitement about the AI tools coming to help us and make our lives [as clinicians] easier.

On the Future of AI in Rehab Therapy

Pedro:  As we become more comfortable with AI automating things, hopefully, the AI will seamlessly disappear into the background. The therapist will say, “Oh some of my notes are partially done and I just get to review it.” Having those types of things, or maybe also getting more interactive. We actually have an Ask AI analog in our tool that people can ask questions like, “How would I define this code?”

On Choosing the Right AI for Your Practice

Pedro: One question to ask of any AI technology is, “Have they processed and done predictions on the same EHR?” Because different EHRs have different ways that they do things, that can change the data and the quality of the predictions.

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