Practice Experience Podcast: Fortifying Patient Retention Through Genuine Connections

In the first episode of The Practice Experience Podcast, Dr. Russ Huffstetler of Dynamix Physical Therapy explains how a strong company culture translates to an excellent patient experience.

Mike Willee
5 min read
July 13, 2023
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Everyone has a podcast these days, so it’s high time WebPT gets in on the action! That’s right, let us introduce you to the Practice Experience Podcast—your ultimate guide to navigating the dynamic world of rehab therapy with expert insights from industry leaders.

In our first episode, Liz Heckmuller, Product Marketing Manager at WebPT sits down to talk with Dr. Russ Huffstetler, PT, DPT, CIMT, Cert. DN, President and Co-Founder of Dynamix Physical Therapy, to discuss the importance of company culture in patient relationships. 

In the interview, Russ shares how: 

  • Dynamix landed on the values that form the bedrock of their business, 
  • they find staff that embodies those values, and 
  • why having employees that embody a positive company culture is essential for building strong connections with patients and the community at large.  

Episode Highlights 

On Starting His Own Clinic

Russ: I was practicing in a sports-specific practice that worked primarily with pro athletes. What I saw was the difference in the services that pros received versus the average Joe. For me, bringing that kind of service and bringing care back into health is essentially what our goal was.

On Dynamix’s Secret to Success 

Russ: Everyone in the community was a part of the community and a trusted resource in the community… We live and play where we work.

On Maintaining a Positive Company Culture 

Russ: In order to keep the right culture, people need to know what the expectation is coming in and what we live by at Dynamix.

On Attracting the Best Talent 

Russ: We put our foot forward early on and said, “We're a development company.” And we were basically encouraging young therapists to join us because of how we were gonna develop them.

On Strengthening Company Culture

Russ: It has to be genuine. If you're doing it for monetary or opportunistic reasons only, it will come across that way, and it will damage your business.

On Translating Company Culture into the Patient Experience—and the Community at Large

Russ: I always tell people, “You're gonna see me at the grocery store, you're going to see me at the ballgame. I cannot escape you. So my interest in your care has to be genuine.”

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