Practice Experience Podcast: Steering the Ship: A Member Success Story with John Gallucci of JAG Physical Therapy

In this episode of The Practice Experience Podcast, we’re sharing a Member success story with JAG Physical Therapy CEO John Gallucci, Jr. 

Mike Willee
5 min read
October 19, 2023
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Most people struggle to figure out what they want to do with their life from the moment an adult first asks them the question as a child until well into their time in high school, college, and even beyond. If you’re JAG Physical Therapy CEO John Gallucci, Jr., MS, ATC, PT, DPT, however, you’ve got your path set out in front of you from the moment you first lay eyes on a rehabilitation center treating longshoremen at the age of 13. 

In the latest episode of The Practice Experience Podcast, we’re looking to unpack what makes for long-term sustainable growth with a Member success story with JAG Physical Therapy. Liz Heckmuller, PT, DPT, Senior Product Marketing Manager at WebPT, sat down to speak with John about 

  • his passion for physical therapy at an early age,
  • how a desire to help people guided his path to building and growing JAG Physical Therapy, 
  • lessons learned from mistakes along the way, 
  • how metrics and technology have helped grow the business while continuing to meet patient expectations, and 
  • what prompted him to write his new book The JAG Method: An entrepreneur's journey to personal and professional success.  

Episode Highlights

On His Introduction to Physical Therapy

John:  I was very, very fortunate from the age of 13 years old to be introduced to the physical therapy profession, and at the age of 13, 14 years old, I got to meet different physical therapists because my family owned a durable medical equipment sales shop, and I used to deliver the physical therapy supplies to different physical therapists throughout the Brooklyn Staten Island area.

On the Principles That Have Fueled JAG Physical Therapy’s Growth

John: One thing I've always kept dear to my heart is that I want to treat everybody. I don't believe in these different schemes of trying to generate as much capital as possible. I’ve believed in population health since before population health was truly a thing or a buzzword that everybody likes to use now….I had a great team of people that I wanted to bring on board and that ultimately wanted to treat every individual like a VIP — be they a police officer, firefighter, sanitation worker, laborer, painter, landscaper, or just a grandma who had a total knee replacement and wants to plant flowers in the backyard.

On Using Technology to Meet Patient and Provider Needs  

John: The biggest thing that helps us is analytics. We're looking at statistics and analytics, not just on outcome-based physical therapy, but on referral trends, on opportunities to open up referral trends…We are always evolving our computers, and we're always evolving our technology each and every day to meet the needs that we need, not only for our patients but also for the control and development of our team.

On His Motivation for Writing The JAG Method

John: We did a heck of a lot of lectures in a short amount of period about five years ago. There was a media person in one of the audiences who turned around and said, “Hey, you told a lot of stories. Is it possible you can send me one or two stories that I might be able to put in the article?”  So I happened to get stuck in the airport and I ended up writing 14 little tidbits, and I sent them to our chief marketing officer and she said, “Hey, this is awesome. We can use this to motivate people, to recruit people.”...Ultimately, it was a way just to take those stories of things that motivated me and ultimately inspire people to never quit, never ever stop and go for your gold.

On Education and the Productivity and Compliance Conundrum

John: Clinic owners and managers have to look at the details behind how they generate their revenue per visit. They must educate their staff about revenue and things like the cost per visit and payer contracts. 

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