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How Egan PT scaled its clinic to 100% capacity within 6 weeks of opening

Maximizing efficiency, optimizing patient interactions, and achieving accelerated growth—it’s all possible with the right software. Take a look!

WebPT provided valuable assistance to the Egans, aiding them in designing their digital patient intake forms to maximize the efficiency of patient registration and charting.

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June 2, 2023
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During the height of the pandemic in 2021, Josephine and John Egan decided to open their own outpatient private practice in Potomac, Maryland. In the beginning, they had very modest expectations for how fast their business would grow. Josephine—who was accustomed to seeing up to 16 patients per day at her previous organization—had ambitions to be the sole provider in her own practice, passionate about providing better one-on-one care to her patients. 

In her previous role, Josephine had used the WebPT EMR and was confident in the platform’s documentation capabilities and workflows. However, as new business owners, they needed more than just the EMR Josephine was accustomed to. So the duo also searched for additional solutions to streamline all operational workflows—from the front office to the back office.

The Challenge

From the start, the Egan PT founders knew they wanted to automate as many manual processes as possible to optimize their patient interactions. Working closely with WebPT's Sales and Success teams, the Egans received personalized recommendations and solutions perfect for addressing these specific needs. They swiftly implemented WebPT's front office tools, which encompassed automated appointment reminders, Digital Patient Intake (DPI), and Electronic Benefit Verification (eBV).

The Solution

Throughout the implementation process, WebPT provided valuable assistance to the Egans, aiding them in designing their digital patient intake forms to maximize the efficiency of patient registration and charting. "These automated solutions streamlined so much of our front office work that we only required a part-time front office employee for about four hours a week,” John explained. “WebPT's user-friendly platform allowed our employees to quickly adapt within a mere two to three hours."

However, the benefits of this transformation extended beyond mere efficiency. Egan PT witnessed marked improvements in consistency and patient satisfaction. Egan elaborated, "The patient tools ensured we consistently gathered all the necessary data from our patients. Moreover, our patient communications became streamlined, effective, and professional, resulting in happier patients. It has become easier for them to connect with us and engage with our business, enabling them to start their experience on the right foot."


Egan PT's aspirations to optimize patient interactions and enhance efficiency have materialized successfully through the support of WebPT. John expressed his astonishment, stating, "To our surprise, within six weeks, we were operating at full capacity with 100% productivity, and this achievement would not have been possible without WebPT." John further attested, "WebPT is at the heart of our business. It’s accelerated our path to success and made us hugely successful as a startup."

At present, Egan PT relies on WebPT solutions across every facet of the patient and therapist journey. The platform has acted as a catalyst for their growth while enabling them to maintain lean business operations. John summarized their experience, stating, "We recognize the immense value in maximizing productivity, optimizing overhead through automated solutions, and enhancing patient satisfaction through WebPT. Considering that our investment accounts for less than 2% of our revenue, the returns we derive are truly outstanding." With WebPT operating as their well-oiled machine, Egan PT continues to thrive while keeping costs minimal. Having achieved 100% productivity since week six, they are now discussing plans to scale operations further.


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