Video Testimonials

  • T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy

    Dr. Amy Brannon, PT, DPT, and her talented team at T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy share how WebPT has streamlined their workflows so they can spend more time with patients.

  • Gateway Physical Therapy

    CFO Nita Chen explains how WebPT has positively affected her clinic's bottom line.

  • Classic Rehabilitation, Inc.

    Dr. Martin L. Jones, PT, DPT, CWS, and the team at Classic Rehabilitation share how switching to WebPT has reduced patient dropout, simplified administrative workflows, and cut down on documentation time.

  • MedDiagnostics Rehab

    Rich Hoffman, PT, explains how WebPT has been the difference-maker for his practice.

  • Sports Pro Physical Therapy

    Dr. D. Andrew Clarke and team members from SportsPro PT explain how WebPT streamlines clinic operations and ensures fast, maximized payments.

  • Chandler Physical Therapy

    Dr. Eric Christensen, PT, DPT, and the team at Chandler PT share how WebPT helps them devote more time to their patients by improving their efficiency and providing them with personalized, one-on-one support.

WebPT Case Studies

More therapy professionals rely on WebPT than any other software.

  • Members using WebPT


  • Clinics using WebPT


  • Clinic retention rate


Don't let our name fool you.

WebPT started as a documentation tool for our co-founder’s sports medicine clinic. But we’ve grown up a lot since 2006. Our company has evolved, and so has our product line. WebPT is a software platform for all outpatient rehab therapists—regardless of specialty, practice setting, or clinic size.

No matter the setting or size, WebPT works for you.

  • Hospital

    Hospital-Based Facilities

    With WebPT, therapists can document like therapists, and hospitals can ensure compliance. Plus, the patient record is always up-to-date, thanks to our robust system integrations. Learn more

  • Multi-clinic

    Multi-Site Private Practices

    A growing practice doesn’t slow WebPT down. Our platform and products are designed to scale with the needs of expanding organizations. Learn more

  • Single clinic

    Single Clinics

    WebPT started small, and we’ll never lose touch with our roots. Our core products are perfect for single practices—whether a clinic has one therapist or thousands. Learn more

  • Home health

    Outpatient Home Health

    Whether you’re on the go or in the home, WebPT travels with you. Our web-based software suite enables outpatient rehab therapists to provide care in a home health or mobile setting. Learn more

See why WebPT is the most trusted physical therapy software.

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