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Does Your PT Clinic Need a Marketing Software?

If you're a growing PT practice, you need marketing software to bring in new patients and keep current ones engaged.

Erica McDermott
5 min read
March 25, 2021
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There’s a software solution for just about everything these days, and while some things are nice-to-haves, others are straight up need-to-haves. That’s especially true if you’re running a medium-to-large PT practice (or one of any size that’s actively growing). For example, you definitely need an EMR. Keeping track of hundreds (or even thousands) of patients on pen and paper—while meeting all of the associated regulatory requirements—is simply not possible. You also definitely need marketing software. After all, how else could you manage your clinic’s engagement with all of your patients—and generate new ones? If you’re still on the fence, read on for six signs that your clinic needs a marketing software, stat:

1. Your calendar isn’t full. 

There are hundreds of millions of adults in the US who could benefit from seeing a physical therapist in their lifetime. That means almost every PT practice in the country should have a full—or nearly full—calendar. Of course, that’s not going to happen if you’re not able to reach those patients and effectively communicate your value proposition. If your calendar isn’t full, then that’s a clear sign that your practice could use some marketing support. Opt for a marketing software that will help you not only reach prospective patients, but also convert them into actual ones. 

2. Patients are dropping out of care before discharge. 

As discussed in this post, 20% of patients drop out of therapy within the first three visits, and 70% never complete their course of care. That’s a big problem for patients—who ostensibly never reach their therapy goals—and an even bigger problem for practices. (Hello, lost revenue.) To remedy this, be sure your practice is implementing software that enables you to remain connected with patients between sessions by providing valuable content at specific, helpful points in their care journey. Then, be sure that software also includes a state-of-the-art multimedia home exercise program so patients remain engaged in their care outside of the clinic. Bonus points if your software solution also includes HIPAA-compliant chat functionality, so patients can reach out with questions about their home exercises in real-time.

3. Patients spend a lot of time in your waiting room filling out paperwork.

This one is super simple. In today’s digital age, patients shouldn’t be filling out their paperwork on, well, paper, while crowding into your waiting room. Instead, offer your patients an easy method for completing their intake forms online—from the comfort of their homes, where they also have access to all the relevant information they need. This not only brings your practice into the technical age, which can be a positive sign for patients, but also keeps things flowing smoothly in your office. After all, everything your patients enter will seamlessly transfer into your EMR, which means no more double data-entry—and all the potential errors that go along with it. That should make your insurance verification process a breeze.

4. Your online reviews are sparse. 

Online reviews are immensely important for bringing in new patients. Almost everyone looks online to research their healthcare providers before making an appointment, and a slew of positive reviews from others is often all the social proof a prospective patient needs in order to convert. If your reviews are sparse—or worse, negative—then you’re probably not going to bring in a lot of direct access patient volume. Instead, opt for marketing software that automates the entire review request process—everything from helping you identify your loyal patients to asking them to write you a glowing testimonial. You’ll amass a trove of stellar reviews in no time.

5. Past patients rarely return.

In a perfect world, your patients would recover, reach their goals, and never injure themselves again. But that’s unlikely. And even if a past patient never needs the same service from you again, you also offer wellness services, right? If your past patients are completing their courses of care—or worse, not—and disappearing for good, then something’s amiss. Get them back in your office with the right marketing software. You can use the system to send valuable content, important clinic updates, and information on new offerings—as well as keep yourself top-of-mind should they ever need your services again. Of course, this is on top of providing exceptional care—a prerequisite, for sure.

6. You spend way too much time writing emails.

If you’d rather spend more of your time treating patients than coming up with the perfect content to send each one, then you definitely need marketing software—specifically, one that automatically selects relevant content to share with different segments of your audience. For example, say you come across an article about preventing shoulder injuries while playing badminton. You can tell the software to link it in an email that goes out to every patient who you’ve tagged as a badminton player—or tennis, or squash, or raquetball, as it would likely be relevant to all of them. Talk about targeted, value-added content that you don’t have to write yourself!

There you have it: six of the many reasons why your PT clinic needs marketing software. Looking for the very best marketing solution available—one that was specifically developed by physical therapists, for physical therapists? Look no further: WebPT Reach will make all your marketing dreams come true. And you can use it whether or not you use the WebPT EMR. Schedule a complimentary demo today


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