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4 Rehab Therapy Clinic Blogs We Love

There’s a lot to be said for a good physical therapy blog. Take a look at our list of the top 4 blogs we can't get enough of at WebPT.

Erica McDermott
5 min read
March 13, 2020
image representing 4 rehab therapy clinic blogs we love
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There’s a lot to be said for a good blog. In addition to providing an excellent platform for you to showcase your expertise and deliver exceptional value to your audience, a blog is a huge asset when it comes to search rankings. In other words, when you serve up stellar content to your online audience, you also give Google more reason to prioritize your clinic’s website over your competitors’. And that means more prospective patients will find you online (no keyword stuffing required). Simply write your heart out, and you’ll naturally attract clients who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Not sure how to get started? We’ve covered strategies for writing a good blog post before, but today, we want to highlight some of the best physical therapy blogs on the web—specifically, ones that meet most (if not all) of the following important criteria:

  • They align with the clinic's targeted audience.
  • They are well written.
  • They are updated frequently and consistently.
  • They provide quality information.

Our hope is that these blogs give you the inspiration you need to set forth on your own rehab therapy blogging journey. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are four rehab therapy clinic blogs we love:

1. Fox Rehab

Fox Rehab blog page

Interestingly enough, Fox Rehab’s educational content—articles, position papers, videos, podcasts, and webinars—is primarily tailored to other clinicians, as opposed to patients. While their articles on supporting Parkinson’s patients as a collaborative team and meal planning to help reduce joint pain aren’t written to the patient, such high-quality content most definitely establishes the Fox team as experts in their space. And because the articles are written by different types of providers (PTs, OTs, and SLPs), there’s something here for everyone.

Essentially, by delivering top-notch educational content to other providers, the Fox team is asserting their position as rehab therapy thought leaders—and that undoubtedly attracts patients as a natural byproduct. Who wouldn’t want to seek out the healthcare experts who are training other experts? And curious patients can certainly dig in to learn more about Fox’s treatment philosophies and approaches. Plus, the Fox team doesn’t completely overlook patient education. They simply package it within static—yet very visually appealing—informational pages (as opposed to blog posts): 

That way, patients know exactly what to expect when they interact with Fox Rehab, which ultimately benefits everyone involved.

Looking for more provider-focused blogs? Check out this list from Meredith Castin, PT, on the physical therapy blogs PTs should be reading.

2. PT Solutions

pt solutions blog

PT Solutions, on the other hand, produces blog content specifically designed to educate prospective patients on the benefits of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy—in general and for different populations (e.g., seniors, children, and children with autism). 

In other words, this team is writing directly to patients and specifically encouraging them to seek out PT, OT, or SLP treatment at PT Solutions. Interestingly, the main call to action on the PT Solutions blog is not to subscribe, which is typical of most blogs; instead, this team directs all blog visitors to request an appointment—a clear conversion strategy.

In addition to these generally informative pieces, PT Solutions publishes focused instructive pieces (e.g., “3 Ways to Manage Pain in your Patellar Tendon” and “4 Ways to Get Active in Tampa”) as well as patient success stories and testimonials. This is an excellent way to not only celebrate current patient wins, but also provide prospective patients with social proof that your services are valuable. As WebPT Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer Heidi Jannenga explained in this blog, all rehab therapists should be leveraging patient stories as much as possible right now.

Looking to showcase positive patient testimonials online? With WebPT Reach, you can identify your happy patients and automatically ask them to leave you a glowing review for the whole world to see.

3. Athletico


Athletico also writes directly to patients, but—in addition to sharing tailored advice pieces, like “4 Things to Know About Jaw Pain” and “4 Performance Tips for Overhead Athletes”—the company publishes timely community pieces, like this post on how the team celebrated International Women’s Day or this one on a performing arts physical therapist who traveled from Chicago to Germany with the Hubbard Street Dance group. These softer pieces give prospective patients a unique insight into the company’s people and culture, something that’s becoming increasingly influential in patient decision-making. In short, patients want to get a feel for your practice before they request an appointment.

4. Spooner Physical Therapy

Spooner PT doesn’t post nearly as frequently as Athletico, but the practice’s content is targeted to educate (and attract) patients on a wide variety of topics—everything from preventing running injuries to deciding whether or not a relatively new therapy method is a good choice

That last article is particularly interesting, because the Spooner team uses their expertise in physical therapy to educate potential clients on the benefits and drawbacks of a treatment method that patients may already be curious about. And if a prospective patient lands on this page having never heard of “blood restriction therapy,” then he or she has already learned something completely new. As a result, this individual may be more likely to trust the Spooner team as experts in their field—and that engenders trust in the practice’s overall ability to treat whatever musculoskeletal issue that prospective patient may be experiencing. Spooner also sources content from PTs across all clinic locations, which not only gives readers a variety of voices, but also helps spread the blogging workload more evenly across an already-busy organization.

Have an excellent blog of your own that you’d like to show off? We’d love to see it! Share your best strategies for blog writing in the comment section below—along with a link to your favorite rehab therapy blog—and we’ll consider featuring it in our next “blogs we love” post.


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