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16 Creative Physical Therapy Clinic Names

Looking for some brand inspiration? Check out these sixteen unique—and memorable—physical therapy clinic names.

Kylie McKee
5 min read
February 16, 2021
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What’s in a name? If you ask any expecting parent, it’s a lot. After all, a name is something most people carry with them through their whole lives, and it can have major social implications. For many PT practice owners, their clinics are their babies—which makes choosing the right name even more important. After all, it should be memorable, simple, and something that delivers the right message to the clinic’s target audience. So, to give new practice owners some inspiration—and stir up the creative juices—here’s our list of 16 great physical therapy business names:

1. Joint Ventures Physical Therapy

Based in Boston, this practice employs a multidisciplinary care team (as you may have guessed thanks to the clever word play). According to the clinic’s website, “Our team approach utilizes the best health providers in the fields of physical therapy, chiropractic, fitness, massage, nutrition, and acupuncture.” Now that’s truly a joint venture. (See what I did there?)

2. Lyttle Fox Therapy

This pediatric clinic’s name is as endearing as the population it serves. “Lyttle Fox” is an amalgam of the two owners’ last names, and it’s made our list because it’s not only memorable, but also unique.

3. C.A.R.E. Physical Therapy

Who doesn’t love a good acronym? For one thing, acronyms are often easier to remember than initialisms. And it’s even better when that acronym spells something that’s relevant to the service the business provides. In the case of Chicago-based C.A.R.E. Physical Therapy, the letters in the acronym stand for “Chicago Area Rehabilitation Experts,” so what the team provides—and where they provide it—is literally in the name.

4. Gotham Physical Therapy

Gotham Physical Therapy in New York City is particularly memorable because the practice is not only named for the hometown of the caped crusader, but also entirely dedicated to him. As you can see on the clinic website, the whole office is rather stylishly decked out in all things Batman. It’s certainly a practice worthy of the Dark Knight himself.

5. GO PT

Short, sweet, and straight to the point, GO PT in Seattle doesn’t mince words when it comes to communicating the clinic’s main objective. As the website states, that is, quite simply, “getting you back on the go!”

6. [re+active] physical therapy & wellness

Words that evoke thoughts of movement and health are commonplace for physical therapy clinics, but [re+active] makes the list because of its stylized spin on an old favorite. The name itself is simple, but the aesthetic stylization makes it stand out. (Bonus points for having a great blog on the clinic's website.)

7. PT n’ Play Pediatric Physical Therapy

Based in Los Angeles, PT n’ Play Pediatric Physical Therapy has a cute, alliterative title that also provides insight into the clinic’s mission. PT n’ Play’s philosophy is that “children learn best through play,” and that’s reflected quite expertly in the name.

8. Finish Line Physical Therapy

This clinic’s name—and its logo—conjures up images of athletes gliding down a track toward a length of tape at the end. And that makes a lot of sense, because Finish Line PT focuses on treating endurance athletes like runners and triathletes.

9. Back in Motion Physical Therapy

We’re big fans of a clever play on words, which is why Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Miami made our list. The team at Back in Motion PT is focused on helping their patients overcome pain—including, but not limited to, back pain—using movement-based modalities and thus, helping every person who walks through their door get “back in motion.” 

10. Recharge Physical Therapy

When your proverbial battery is depleted and you need to get back to peak performance, a little recharge is just what the doctor ordered—and the therapists at this practice mean that quite literally. According to the clinic’s website, Fargo-based Recharge Physical Therapy and Wellness “began with a dream and a passion for helping people get back to living their [lives] pain-free”—and we think this descriptive, action-oriented name does an excellent job of communicating that vision.

11. Back Bay Physical Therapy

This clinic made our list because the name does double duty. Located in Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood, Back Bay Physical Therapy not only tells potential patients exactly where they can find this practice, but also helps boost their clinic’s name to the top of local Google searches for physical therapy practices.

12. Rose Physical Therapy

Shakespeare once wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”—and Rose Physical Therapy fully embraced the flower theme. Between the clinic’s floral logo and the website’s rose-red color scheme, visitors are certainly met with a warm impression.

13. Your Personal Best Physical Therapy

Each individual’s “personal best” differs from the next. For some, it could mean being at the top of their athletic game; for others, it could mean taking their dog for a walk around the block free of pain. Either way, the team at Your Personal Best Physical Therapy is prepared to help each and every patient—from athletes to seniors—achieve their goals, and their clinic name shows it.  

14. Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy

In the past few years, concierge-based physical therapy has gained a lot of fans. And with the PT space growing more and more saturated, finding a way to set your practice apart from the competition is more important than ever. That’s why Austin-based Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy sticks out to us. Incorporating “concierge” into the practice name signals to patients on the hunt for a different kind of practice experience that Move Empower may be the clinic for them.

15. The Training Room

The Training Room explains on the website’s About Us page that the clinic “was established as a way for the athletic community to have easy access to quality therapy.” We love this creative take on highlighting the practice’s sports-focused care while emphasizing the training aspect. It’s not just a sports therapy clinic, but also an integral piece of an athlete’s training regimen. 

16. Phoenix Physical Therapy

Just like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, patients undergoing physical therapy will attest to the transformative effect of their care experience. For that reason, we can’t think of a more fitting symbol—and name—for a physical therapy practice than Phoenix Physical Therapy's chosen moniker. (Okay, as a Phoenix-based company, maybe we WebPTers are a little biased.)

Picking the right name is a weighty decision—whether you’re choosing a name for a child or a physical therapy practice. Ultimately, whatever name you land on can have a much larger impact than you might expect. So, if you’re currently playing the name game with your practice, take a lesson from these creative clinics.


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