Prove your value and enhance patient care with the only built-in patient outcomes tracking solution for rehab therapists.

Own your outcomes tracking data

Health care is shifting to a pay-for-performance environment, which means it’s more important than ever for therapists to have the tools necessary to prove their value. That’s where WebPT Outcomes comes in: we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapists with a quick, easy way to collect patient outcomes data, which they can then leverage to objectively demonstrate their clinical performance to insurance carriers, patients, and referral sources.

“WebPT Outcomes works great, and it helped me go back to insurance companies and renegotiate reimbursements.”

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Measure clinical performance.

Access a diverse library of evidence-based, industry-accepted tests that are already familiar to—and respected within—the healthcare community at large. Then, set concrete performance goals and track therapists’ progress toward them. And thanks to our robust data bank, you can benchmark performance within your own organization as well as regionally and nationally.

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Data-driven patient satisfaction.

Collect, monitor, and compare outcomes data (as well as patient satisfaction survey results) from every patient for every therapist in every clinic—all within one system. Then, leverage our visual reports to easily pinpoint ways to improve patient care plans and clinical care strategies.

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Offload intake surveys.

Preload tablets with OMT questionnaires and have your patients fill them out in your clinic, or email them to patients prior to their appointments. Either way, you’ll save time and ensure test objectivity.

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Streamline MIPS reporting.

WebPT Outcomes now comes bundled with the MIPS reporting package—allowing you to complete all of your MIPS reporting in one place. Plus, we’ll automatically perform risk-adjustment calculations for each outcome measure, keeping you compliant and cutting down your workload.

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See why WebPT is the most-trusted physical therapy software.

Want to get patients better, faster?
We’ll show you how.

WebPT Outcomes helps clinic owners and managers identify trends in patient care and make adjustments to improve provider effectiveness and efficiency.

Tired of guessing games?
We have the answers.

WebPT Outcomes takes the guesswork out of managing therapist performance with easy-to-read reports that foster accountability.

On the road to an exit?
Outcomes data is your differentiator.

If you’re ready for acquisition or consolidation, then outcomes data will help you showcase the value of your clinic compared to your competitors.

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