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WebPT Team Meet n’ Greet

At WebPT, we offer responsive, friendly customer service for free. We wanted to introduce you to a few members of our Support and Success teams. Learn more.

Erica McDermott
5 min read
July 17, 2012
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Today’s post comes from WebPT copywriters Charlotte Bohnett and Erica Cohen.

We at WebPT owe our success to our Members. That’s why we offer super responsive, totally friendly customer service—for free. Today we thought it would be nice to introduce you to a few members of our stellar Support and Success teams—the men and women on the front (or phone) lines helping you get the most out of WebPT.

Meet Alex Zarazua, WebPT Member Support Team Lead.  

Marketing (that’s us): Alex, what keeps you coming to work everyday?

Alex: Working with our Members as well as coaching and leading our support team to provide fanatical member support.

Marketing: Great! We love that part, too. Ok, what’s your favorite part of WebPT as a whole?

Alex: WebPT truly cares about their Members and their employees. I've never worked for a company before where everybody is happy to come to work everyday and help out members with their business.

Marketing: Well said. What’s the best part of your day?

Alex: I enjoy working with my colleagues and brainstorming on new product offerings, releases, and how to improve the efficiency of our support team.

Marketing: Here’s a fun question: what’s your favorite TV show—of all time?

Alex: I used to love House MD when it was on the air. I'm a big NASCAR fan, too!

Marketing: House is pretty cool. We’ll try not to hold the NASCAR thing against you—just kidding!

Meet Christian Coker, WebPT Member Support Rep. 

Marketing: Hi Christian! What do you love most about being a Member Support Rep?

Christian: I love being the person to go to for help. Whenever a Member needs assistance, I truly enjoy the interactions and the assistance that I am able to provide.

Marketing: Sweet! We’re really glad you’re here to help. How about WebPT as a whole?

Christian: I love that WebPT is an organization that truly puts the Member first. Everybody comes into work with nothing else in mind but to provide excellent service.

Marketing: Can’t ask for anything more than that! What’s your favorite part of your day here?

Christian:My favorite thing about my job is building relationships with the Members. It's a great feeling when you can pick up the phone and hear a familiar and friendly voice on the other end of the line.

Marketing: What do you do for fun?

Christian: I'm not too much of movie buff or a reader; I'm more of an active person. In my opinion, time spent watching TV or reading could be better spent doing something physical. I've been a semi-professional boxer for a couple of years now.

Marketing: Wow, really? Learn a new WebPT team fun fact everyday.

Christian: That's the kind of thing I love to do with my free time!

Meet Tamara Crawford, WebPT Member Success Rep.

Marketing: Tamara, you’re new to the WebPT Success Team. How has your experience here been so far?  

Tamara: Everyone has been exceptionally kind and patient. The willingness to jump right in and offer assistance is a positive reflection of the individuals and team as a whole.

Marketing: That’s great! We’re so happy you’re here! We know you’ve only been here a short time, but what do you like best about WebPT?

Tamara: WebPT is user-friendly and easily accessible, which contributes to a positive experience and overall Member satisfaction.

Marketing: We love that too! What do you think you’re going to like most about being a WebPT Support Rep?

Tamara: My favorite part of the job will be building quality and long-standing relationships with Members. I want them to feel confident in my knowledge and skills. I want them to know that this is more than a j-o-b. Their take-away will be positive, informative, and successful each time.

Marketing: No wonder you fit in so well! Ok, now for a really important question. What TV shows do you recommend we all watch?

Tamara: Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., on PBS and Do You Know Who You Are? on NBC. These shows take a look at the genealogy of famous people. It's interesting to see famous people/celebrities learn about previous generations and untold family stories. Having new knowledge helped them understand and appreciate who and what led them to become who they are.

Marketing: Wow, that does sound cool. We’ll check them both out!

Meet Jen Baranski, WebPT Member Success Rep.

Marketing: Hi Jen! What do you love most about Success?

Jen: The Team!

Marketing: We love the team, too! How could you not? Ok, let’s keep this love fest going. What do you love most about WebPT?

Jen: The culture of WebPT is amazing. People work hard, but they always have time to smile.

Marketing:We love to smile, too. What do you enjoy most about your job?

Jen: Working with all the different people. It has been a great experience meeting everyone.   

Marketing: And now for the most important question we’ll probably ever ask: What book do you recommend?

Jen: What Pets Do While You're at Work. Even if you do not have pets, this book will make you laugh.

Marketing: Awesome! We’re on it.

Thanks, Support Team! It’s been phenomenal catching up!

Want to catch up with your favorite support rep? Have questions, comments, or feedback? We want to hear it! Give us a call at 866-221-1870, option 2, Monday–Friday 8:00 AM–8:00 PM ET. You can also visit the Member Network to submit a help ticket and access a plethora of FAQs, how-to videos, and educational articles.


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