Feedback is the breakfast of champions. - Ken Blanchard

In mid-September of this year we launched our first ever member survey. The purpose of the survey was to get a report card from our members on how we’re serving them.
We had nearly 400 responses over a period of two weeks. Thanks to the members who took the time to give us feedback. The survey results gave us a lot to digest. Members told us what we are doing really well and where we can improve. Everything was good to hear and we’ll work to incorporate all of the comments into our future plans.  We were most satisfied with some of the statistics found below and wanted to share them with all of you.
Are you confident that WebPT is Medicare compliant? We found that 93.9% of respondents said, "Yes."



Would you recommend WebPT to a friend or colleague? We found that 87.3% of respondents said, "Yes."


Are you satisfied with WebPT Support? We found that 88.7% of respondents said, "Yes."


Do you believe WebPT is easy to use? We found that 88% said, "Yes."

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