When I first learned how to play the piano, my favorite song was “Heart and Soul.” It’s undeniably catchy, and it was a tried-and-true standard for piano novices like myself. Every day, in an effort to get the song just right, I practiced, practiced, and practiced some more. And what did I glean from this exercise in repetition? Well, it wasn’t stellar piano-playing skills. However, I did learn that it doesn’t take much noise to push me to my personal threshold of annoyance. After several weeks of pounding those initial “C,C,C” notes, I was over it. I decided—at the ripe old age of eight—that I wasn’t cut out for the pianist lifestyle. I really didn’t enjoy it, and at times, I even went as far as dreaming about turning our beloved family instrument into firewood.

Luckily for me, I’m not eight anymore, no pianos were harmed in the making of my life, and since that fateful day when I uttered the words, “I quit,” I’ve worked pretty darn hard to adopt patience and determination as two of my defining virtues. Although I may have tired of the song “Heart and Soul” pretty quickly, I’ve found that real heart and soul is nothing like the song; they’re truly invaluable traits. As for WebPT, we’re passionate about staying determined (true grit is one of our core values, after all), especially when it comes to bringing the latest and greatest PT technologies to our Members. As part of that pursuit, we intentionally form and foster partnerships with companies that exhibit the same spirit we do. This is exactly why WebPT recently partnered with the innovative company Sols. The folks at Sols continually pour their hearts and souls into their work. Furthermore, they’re using technology to make providers’—and their patients’—lives easier.

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What is Sols?

Sols is shaking up the world of orthotics by offering a system that creates beautifully designed, custom 3D-printed inserts. The 3D printing typically takes fewer than six days, and customers can reorder replacements with the simple click of a button. To record measurements, users take three photos using the intuitive Sols iPad app. It’s really that easy. Long gone are the days of messy plaster, shipping, waiting periods, and multiple-prescription headaches. With Sols, the ordering process is a cinch, and the inserts themselves are beautiful, lightweight, and customizable to fit all of your patients’ needs. Want to see Sols in action? Check out this video to learn how the technology works and how the company plans to revolutionize the world of footwear.

How Sols Breaks the Mold

Creating custom orthotics is typically a long and arduous process. In fact, it can be so complicated that Sols found “about 90% of of current PT practices refer patients out for an orthotic prescription.” When you ditch the plaster—and the referrals—and go with Sols, you can bring that revenue back in house and diversify your cash flow. Sols takes all of the hassle out of orthosis fabrication by making the process easy:

  1. Sign up as a retailer for Sols.
  2. Receive an iPad with an app that allows you to use photos to extract thousands of data points from your patients’ feet.
  3. Collect patient data, which Sols uses to 3D-print the orthotics using NASA-grade nylon.
  4. Receive the completed custom orthotics at your clinic—typically within six days.

How to Get Involved

Want to sell Sols custom orthotics in your clinic? If you’re a WebPT Member, simply go here to sign up for your special offer. An added bonus: If you already have an iPad, you can save even more money on everything you get with Sols. That includes all of your training, marketing materials, 3D-printed rulers, and technical support.

You’d be hard-pressed to tire of the true heart and soul that Sols pours into its company and its products. And although we don’t sell pianos in the WebPT Marketplace (which is probably for the best), we do have everything else you need for your clinic at discounted prices. Have questions about Sols and the WebPT Marketplace? Leave ’em in the comments section below.

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