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Three Justifications for Making the Transition to an Automated PT Practice Documentation System

Documentation reduces costs in every business including a PT environment. Make the transition to automated PT practice documentation system.

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April 30, 2011
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Cutting costs is a big part of every business these days, and it is no different for a PT environment. For that reason, the time to make the transition to an automated PT practice documentation system is right now. While you will have an initial investment, an automated PT practice documentation system is going to pay for itself in no time at all. This type of program is going to enhance how PT staff is able to care for patients. In addition, it is also going to ensure adequate documentation is getting completed for each patient.

If you are still sitting on the fence about making the transition to an automated PT documentation system, these three justifications can help you to move forward:

#1 An automated PT practice documentation system will save time and money

In almost any PT practice, there are members of the staff that feel overwhelmed with the documentation process. They are spending a great deal of time on it, and that may cause overtime to have to be paid out. If they are leaving on time, then they may not be getting all of that documentation completed or completed properly, which can lead to mistakes in the reimbursement process, costing the practice money.

Too often a great deal of the forms are simply duplicating the same information in different locations. The PT staff will grow tired of this part of the job. They will resent all of that paperwork and in many cases rush through it or simply not be getting it done. By automating the management of your PT practice documentation, that tedium and overhead is reduced tremendously, making your organization more productive, your staff more efficient, and saving time and money.

#2 An automated PT practice documentation system can help streamline communications

When you automate the PT documentation system, communications can be streamlined. Doctor’s offices, hospitals and other medical staff will be able to access the information that has been documented in the system more easily. This means that the care of the patient can always be a priority. It will also cut down on communications being a roadblock to such care.

PT staff will spend less time on the phone with medical staff because all of the information those parties need will already be in the system for them to review.  Because the information is accessible from any workstation, the time and effort of pulling physical files to answer questions will be eliminated.

This type of system can also streamline communications between insurance providers and the PT staff. Billing problems can result when information isn’t properly documented. With this system, though, documentation can become a priority. It can be done quickly and efficiently without any hassles. At the same time, it can all be there for the insurance companies to look at.

This will also result in the business getting paid sooner for the care that they provide. Having that income coming in instead of being owed is a great benefit. It gives the business more to work with. It gives them funds to buy updated equipment or other items they need to continue meeting the ongoing needs of the patients they help.

#3 An automated PT practice documentation system will reduce mistakes

Due to duplication of information with the current system, there are going to be more mistakes made. Transitioning to an automated PT documentation system means that forms don’t have to be duplicated. The necessary information can be entered one time and be accessed by all that need it. This will reduce mistakes and that means that medical staff and insurance companies have quality information to rely on.

It also cuts down on the rework that may have to be done by PT staff to correct those errors. You will find that your PT staff is more willing to jump in and get that documentation done when they have an effective system to assist them with doing so. Their mistakes before could often be attributed to not paying attention and being bored with what they are doing. Now they will see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting that documentation completed in a fraction of the time.

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