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Free Social Media Downloads by WebPT: Promote Physical Therapy Awareness Month!

Help spread the good word about physical therapy during National PT Awareness Month with these free social media graphics.

Tabitha Ziegmann
5 min read
October 2, 2023
physical therapists month 2023
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As we celebrate Physical Therapy Awareness Month this October, it's a great opportunity to shed light on the vital role that physical therapists play in the public’s well-being. Committed professionals like you are working hard every day to provide exceptional care and rehabilitation, often flying under the radar until someone requires your skill.

In addition to our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering dedication to the physical therapy profession, WebPT is excited to provide you with a valuable resource to amplify your impact during Physical Therapy Awareness Month. We understand the significance of spreading the word about the incredible work you do, and that's why we've created a collection of free downloadable social media graphics, complete with accompanying posts. 

These resources are designed to empower our members, just like you, to make a powerful statement and raise awareness about the transformative power of physical therapy. We encourage you to download and share these eye-catching visuals throughout the entire month of October as we collectively strive to spotlight the indispensable role of physical therapists and their contributions to the healthcare landscape. Together, let's make this Physical Therapy Awareness Month one for the books!

Downloadable Social Media Graphics


1. Right-click on each image below that you want to download and select 'Save Image As...".

2. Save the image to your computer.

3. Log in to your social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin.

4. Create a social media post and upload your chosen graphic(s) to include in said post. Copy and paste the provided social copy underneath each image below, or feel free to draft your own. 

5. Publish your social post. 

Post #1 Graphic: 

Post #1 Social Copy: 

🌟 October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month! 🌟

Here's a powerful fact: 46% of patients are turning to physical therapy to find relief from various forms of spine pain. 🦴💪

This month, consider the incredible benefits of physical therapy for pain relief and injury recovery. Don't let pain hold you back; take the first step towards a healthier, pain-free you! 🌈 #PTawarenessmonth

Post #2 Graphic: 

Post #2 Social Copy: 

🌟Did You Know? 🌟

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, each year, over half of all Americans aged 18 and above will experience a musculoskeletal injury lasting longer than three months. That's a staggering statistic!

This #PTawarenessmonth, we’re raising awareness about the power of physical therapy in improving patient’s lives. 💪🩺💚

Post #3 Graphic: 

Post #3 Social Copy: 

🌟October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month! 🌟

Here's a fascinating fact: Just 4 weeks of gait training or 8 weeks of balance training during physical therapy can have lasting positive effects for 3 to 12 months even after the sessions have ended! 🚶‍♂️💃💪

Discover the incredible power of physical therapy this month and celebrate the life-changing impact it has on our well-being. 🙌💚 #PTawarenessmonth

Post #4 Graphic: 

Post #4 Social Copy:

Physical therapists are champions of function and movement! 💪💃

Why are they essential? Because physical function and movement play a vital role in our lives:

✅ Health

✅ Wellness

✅ Fitness

✅ Pain Management

✅ Earning a Living

✅ Independence

This #PTawarenessmonth, let's appreciate the incredible work of physical therapists in helping us maintain or restore these essential aspects of life. 🙏

Post #5 Graphic: 

Post #5 Social Copy:

🌟It's Physical Therapy Awareness Month! 🌟

Did you know that in the U.S., over 300 million physical therapy sessions are estimated to take place every year? That's a whole lot of healing, strengthening, and transforming lives! 💪🩺💫

Let's celebrate the incredible impact of physical therapy this October. 🙌 #PTawarenessmonth

Post #6 Graphic: 

Post #6 Social Copy:

🌟October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month! 🌟

Did you know? You DON'T need a doctor's referral for a physical therapy evaluation! 🚫🩺💪

Take charge of your health and well-being. Let a skilled physical therapist assist you on your journey to recovery and strength. 🏃‍♂️

Empower yourself this #PTawarenessmonth! 

Post #7 Graphic: 

Post #7 Social Copy:

🌟Did you know? 🌟

Physical therapists are more than just experts in general care – they can also become board-certified specialists in various areas! 💪👩‍⚕️🧡

During #PTawarenessmonth, let's celebrate the dedication of these professionals who continually enhance their skills through advanced education and training. 📚✨

From Cardiovascular & Pulmonary to Orthopaedics, they specialize in 10 diverse fields, ensuring top-notch care for patients across the board. 🤝


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