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Extreme Makeover: Initial Exam Objective Test Profiles

WebPT is pumped to launch this long-awaited feature. Many members have given us their feedback about improving the IE & this was at the top of the list.

Lindsay Bayuk
5 min read
November 14, 2011
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Move that bus! Ty Pennington may not be coming to build you a new house, but now you can build your own initial exam profiles. At WebPT we’re really pumped to launch this long-awaited feature. Many members have given us their feedback about improving the initial exam (IE) and this was at the top of the list. Starting on November 21st, WebPT Members have access to these new features:

  • Continued use of WebPT Standard IE Profiles
  • Fully-Customizable, Clinic-Wide Profiles
  • Fully-Customizable, Personal Profiles
  • Fully-Customizable, WebPT Peer-Reviewed Profiles
  • Copy and Edit Any Existing Profile, At Any Time
  • Select Only the Tests You and Your Clinic Want to Use in the Initial Exam
  • Preview Your Custom Profile Before Saving

Basically, we’re creating the ability for D-I-Y initial exam profiles. All of our members are unique (which we love); they use different tests based on where they trained or their method of treatment. We want our system to be as easy and effective as possible.

The ability to create customized personal and clinic-wide exam profiles is particularly advantageous for large clinics trying to create internal standards. Of course, we’ll always include our standard peer-reviewed exam profiles for you to use as templates and modify and save as your own. Or, if you love the system as it is, you don’t have to use this new functionality. No change necessary!

So, while this new feature may not exactly be an episode of Extreme Makeover, we are proud to release something we built for a good cause. And in our eyes, the best cause we can think of are all of the members that make WebPT great.

WebPT members should look for this new feature starting on Monday, November 21st. For questions on how to get started with custom initial exam profiles, sign up for our Customized Initial Exam Profiles Webinar in December. We’ll see you then!


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