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Don’t let our name fool you.

WebPT started as a physical therapy documentation software for our founder’s clinic, but our company has evolved since 2008—and so has our product line. WebPT is a full-service software platform for all outpatient rehab therapists—regardless of specialty. Below are the most popular specialties we service.

WebPT’s original SOAP note template design followed the workflow of an outpatient sports medicine physical therapist. Over the years, though, we’ve evolved our documentation tool to cover everything from wellness PT and vestibular therapy to postural restoration and neuro.

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One of WebPT’s earliest Members was a hand-therapy clinic, so we’ve been perfecting our occupational therapy offerings from the beginning. Our software aligns exceptionally well with the workflow and clinical practice of outpatient OT—from lymphedema care and hand therapy to therapies for degenerative diseases.

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Most therapy EMRs force speech therapists to conform to a PT workflow, but not WebPT. We’ve been perfecting our documentation platform over the years—incorporating practicing SLPs’ feedback into every note, exercise, and OMT.

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WebPT believes that children are our future. That’s why we’ve expanded our PT, OT, and SLP content and system capabilities to develop—and constantly iterate upon—our Pediatric Module, which perfectly suits the incredibly important work of pediatric therapists.

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An emerging—and rapidly growing—niche within PT, pelvic health therapy is an integral part of both men’s and women’s health, and WebPT is here to support pelvic PTs’ unique workflow with its Pelvic Health Module, which has a SOAP note format (including relevant tests) tailored to that specialty.

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