Practice Management

Prioritize patient care—and optimize business performance—with a unified solution expertly designed for outpatient rehab.

Oversee all clinical, financial, and operational processes from one platform.

Toggling between disparate systems not only wastes time; it also leaves your practice vulnerable to data errors and limits your ability to leverage your data in a meaningful way. Luckily, WebPT has a product to solve every rehab therapy business need—from therapy-specific documentation, digital intake, and streamlined billing to connected scheduling, built-in patient outcomes tracking, and robust marketing tools. And because all of your information is stored within one platform, you can analyze and use it to drive intelligent clinical and business decision-making.

“WebPT is an outstanding web-based software that has greatly improved our ability to manage our business…If you are not using WebPT at your clinic, at the very least, you need to take a look at it.”

John Morgan Headshot

John Morgan

Co-owner and Office Manager, Karen Morgan Physical Therapy

Make data-driven decisions.

WebPT is more than a place to securely enter and store patient records. Our system is an integrated hub of valuable data—offering you intelligent insight on staff performance, clinical best practices, financial trends, referral quality, and patient experience. That way, you can identify what’s working, adjust business strategies and treatment protocols accordingly, and watch your practice flourish.

Make data-driven decisions

Put patients at the center of everything.

From scheduling appointments and distributing digital intake forms to involving patients in their treatment and celebrating progress milestones, therapy providers can leverage WebPT’s suite of practice management products to deliver better, more personalized patient care experiences. So, say goodbye to missed appointments, disengaged patients, and uninformed clinical decision-making. WebPT provides everything you need to achieve an optimal operational workflow without sacrificing the quality of care your therapists provide.

Put patients at the center of everything.

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