Ensure smooth data transfer among systems.

Interoperability is the way of the future—and for good reason. After all, when systems talk to each other, it not only reduces errors, but also fosters truly patient-centered care. And that means better results—in terms of both cost savings and patient outcomes.

Make your business run like a well-oiled machine.

When your practice’s information exists in disparate systems, you’re bound to waste time toggling between those platforms, double-entering your data, and tracking down the information you want. But when all of your systems connect, you can give all of that time back to your patients.

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Empower your therapists to better manage documentation, billing, and patient care.

In this day and age, running a successful rehab therapy practice requires more than providing exceptional patient care. Today’s therapists also have to worry about creating complete, compliant, defensible documentation as well as ensuring accurate billing for the services they provide. The best way to help them do that? Provide them with an easy-to-use platform that includes every system they need to be successful—all in one place.

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Key System Integrations

We’re adding new integrations every day; here are some of our key partners in achieving healthcare interoperability.

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Picture of Teresa Wood
We have been using WebPT and Kareo for approximately four years…The integration is great; we don’t have to worry about inaccurate or incomplete information…we have been able to streamline our billing process for faster reimbursement.

Teresa Wood

Account Manager, Avenues Therapy Clinic

A Technology Framework Tailored to Your Practice

Different therapy practices have different needs. We get that.

That's why we won’t force you into a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we’ll work with you to integrate your practice’s mission-critical systems with ours. In other words, our integrations aren’t “set and forget.” We have a dedicated team to continuously monitor and support the integration channel. Additionally, as WebPT evolves and further enhances its products, we’ll always ensure your integration runs optimally to meet the demands of your business. Our interoperability offering includes:

    • Designated point of contact throughout the integration development and deployment process
    • 365/24/7 active integration monitoring and support
    • Dynamic correction and resubmission of any failed transactions
    • Integration engine updates and regular maintenance

Integration Types

Patient Inbound Icon

Patient Inbound Integration

This type of integration allows patient registrations and information updates that occur in systems other than WebPT to transfer into WebPT. Source system provides HL7 ADT transactions that create and update patients in WebPT. Accepted information elements include:

    • name
    • address(es)
    • telephone(s)
    • MRN/patient identifier
    • treatment location
    • insurance companies
    • insurance policies
Billing Outbound Icon

Billing Outbound Integration

This type of integration allows patient treatment information recorded in WebPT to transfer to a billing system for eventual claim submission and tracking. WebPT communicates HL7 ADT, BAR, and DFT transactions that will create claims for patients. Provided information elements include:

    • patient name
    • address
    • telephone(s)
    • MRN/patient identifier
    • patient guarantor
    • location of treatment
    • insurance policies covering the treatment
    • insurance company contact information for those policies
    • referring physician
    • treating therapist
    • diagnostic codes
    • authorizations
    • accident date
    • start of care date
    • encounter number/account number/case identifier
    • date of service
    • CPT codes and modifiers
    • units of treatment
Documentation Outbound Icon

Documentation Outbound Integration

This type of integration allows patient treatment details, examination information, and care documentation recorded in WebPT to transfer to an EMR or document store for centralized access and/or physician review. WebPT provides HL7 MDM/ORU transactions whenever a document is completed. WebPT creates a PDF document that is then embedded in the message in Base64 encoded format. Provided information elements include:

    • MRN/patient identifier
    • location
    • treating therapist
    • date of service
    • date of record
    • document identifier
    • document type

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