PT and OT advocates have made significant progress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only can physical and occupational therapists now provide an array of remote care services to their patients, but many payers also now cover PT- and OT-provided telehealth—even Medicare! Unfortunately, these victories are not permanent, and therapy clinics across the country are still in a fragile financial state. Any substantial reduction to payments could cripple the PT and OT industries and force countless already-struggling clinics to shut their doors for good. 

That’s exactly why—now more than ever—rehab therapists must take a stand against the estimated 8% cut to Medicare payments for PT and OT services. This reduction—set to take effect January 1, 2021—is still barreling down the pipeline; CMS has made no indication otherwise. On top of that, PTs and OTs stand to lose all Medicare telehealth and virtual service privileges as soon as the federal government declares an end to the current public health emergency. 

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