Get a pulse on your performance in seconds.

Our library of easy-to-read charts and graphs allow you to gain valuable business insight in a single glance.

  • Compare time periods and see trends for patient arrival rates
  • Understand new patient case and discharge statistics
  • Review data relative to individual therapist and clinic location performance

Easily drill into the details.

From your main reporting dashboard, you can access detailed data tables that allow you to sort, filter, group, aggregate, format, and recalculate your data until you have exactly the information you need. Our reports are designed to drive meaningful action, which is why we’ve organized them to provide the insights rehab therapy business professionals care about most. Plus, you can easily export your practice’s raw data to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF at any time—and then crunch your numbers to your heart’s content.

I am loving Analytics. It’s so easy to gather important data regarding cancellations, visits, open notes, and more. It is invaluable to us.

Samir Sharma PT, DPT
Founder and Clinic Owner, Activa Physical Therapy

Get insight at every level.

Whether you have one clinic location or 1,000, our reporting tools allow you to structure your data to identify trends at the individual therapist, clinic, regional, or company level. That way, you can make the best decisions at every level—and location—across your organization.

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Tired of cancellations and no-shows? Let us help.

Understanding your patient arrival rate trends can help you determine whether you need to change up your patient scheduling and appointment reminder protocol.

Wondering which payers are most profitable? We can tell you.

With our payer-focused reports, you can determine which insurances send you the most patients and pay the highest rates—and adjust your contracting strategy accordingly.

Curious about which providers and clinics are performing best? Find out in a snap.

See which therapists and clinic locations are creating the most new cases and finalizing the most notes. Then, apply that knowledge to future marketing, hiring, and budgeting decisions.