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Create correct, complete, and compliant documentation with the leading software for PTs, OTs, and SLPs.


Document Efficiently

Use our physical therapy EMR to create and send specialty-specific documentation, including initial evaluations, progress notes, daily notes, customizable flowsheets, and discharge summaries. Plus, fax and email directly from the system for free.

Document Securely

Securely enter and save patient data anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device—and do it confidently as our system features bank-level encryption, automatic backups, and fully HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.

Document Defensibly

Simplify Medicare compliance with integrated functional limitation reporting, therapy cap tracking, 8-minute rule calculations, CCI edit alerts, and an intelligent ICD-10 code picker.

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Keep a full schedule and increase clinic efficiency with our customizable scheduler.


Access Clinic Schedules

Build, edit, and view schedules for patients, therapists, equipment, or treatment rooms anywhere, anytime.

Automatically Send Reminders

Reduce cancellations and no-shows by as much as 30% by sending patient appointment reminders via text, email, or phone.

Upload External Files

With eDoc, you can upload external patient documents—like diagnostic images, intake forms, physician referrals, and signed plans of care—directly into the patient chart.

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Get paid faster with the industry’s most robust billing solutions.


Billing Software

Manage your billing with confidence.

Your bottom line hinges on clean claims. Because WebPT’s billing software connects with your documentation, you can ensure correct, timely claim submission—and that means consistent cash flow.

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RCM Service

Let our team of experts handle your billing.

Your dedicated, specialized RCM team will promptly and correctly submit your claims as well as investigate, correct, and appeal denials from insurance companies.

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WebPT Analytics


Make intelligent business decisions with real-time data at your fingertips.


Allocate Resources Efficiently

Quickly identify performance trends at the therapist, clinic, and company levels—and use that insight to make smarter personnel, marketing, and financial decisions.

Improve Clinic Operations

Streamline scheduling processes to improve patient attendance and retention, and analyze billing metrics to optimize your payer mix and better negotiate contracts.

See Your Data Your Way

Sort, filter, aggregate, and format your data to your heart’s content using our suite of pre-built reports. Or, export your practice’s raw data to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.

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WebPT Outcomes


Optimize business and clinical operations with the only built-in outcomes tracking software for rehab therapists.


Enhance Patient Care

Collect and track patient feedback to manage care quality on a per-therapist, per-clinic, and per-company level.

Improve Clinic Productivity

Identify trends in patient care and make adjustments to improve therapist effectiveness and clinic efficiency.

See How You Stack Up

Monitor overall clinic and company performance metrics, and compare those numbers with national averages.

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Continuing Education

Never fall behind on your continuing education units. WebPT CEU makes fulfilling licensure requirements a snap—with more than 1,000 hours of on-demand, accredited content and an automated certificate program.

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Home Exercise Program

Prescribed home exercise is a key part of patient recovery and rehab. Make it easy for patients to stay compliant at home with the WebPT Home Exercise Program.

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