Looking for a better way to bill? Pair WebPT’s web-based documentation with one of our comprehensive billing options and get paid faster.

Reduce claim errors.

Whether you choose WebPT’s RCM service or our billing software, you can kiss double data-entry goodbye because all your billing information automatically transfers from your documentation to your billing solution.

Save money.

WebPT’s billing software allows you to keep the biller you love and ditch the time-wasting processes you hate. Our software is user-friendly and straightforward, with everything you need to bill in-house—all at an affordable price point: $99 monthly per rendering provider. And for those clinics that need a helping hand, WebPT’s RCM service is available for only 6.5% of your monthly collections (plus a one-time setup charge based on clinic size).

Best of all? Both options put more time back in your schedule to spend on what matters most—helping patients.

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Maximize your clinic’s revenue.

Your bottom line hinges on clean claims. Because WebPT seamlessly connects your documentation, scheduling, and billing, you can ensure correct, timely claim submission—and that means consistent cash flow.

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Gain a partner in billing.

When you use WebPT’s RCM service, you get a dedicated physical therapy billing professional who will promptly and correctly submit your claims as well as investigate, correct, and appeal denials from insurance companies. Plus, our billing experts will teach you physical therapy billing best practices and conduct free monthly reviews with your clinic.

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It’s actually not just savings; I’ve made more money since using WebPT.

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Trevyn Despain PT, CKTP, CCI

Brockton Physical Therapy

What Billing Option is Right for You?

Billing Software

  • You like to handle your clinic’s billing in-house, from start to finish.
  • You have an awesome biller who knows insurance regulations inside and out.
  • You love a hands-on approach to every process in your clinic.
  • You’re looking for a cost-effective, web-based software that integrates with your documentation.

RCM Service

  • You have a busy patient load, and you need a team of experts to take care of your billing.
  • You’re looking for an experienced biller to submit claims and track down payments.
  • You need some serious peace of mind.
  • You want to outsource your billing, but you want your documentation software to work in perfect tandem with your RCM service.

Already have a billing software you love? No worries; we integrate! See our list of integrated billing partners here.

  • Reports

    Like reports? We do, too.

    You can’t measure what you don’t track. That’s why WebPT offers transparent, secure, real-time access to more than 20 daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

  • Billing Implementation

    Need a billing system ASAP? We’re on it.

    Whether you need an RCM service or a billing software, our implementation team will get you up and running fast—and minimize disruption to your workflow—with our free, customized training package.

  • Billing Corner

    Want someone in your corner? We’re there.

    When you have questions, we have answers. Our dedicated support team is here for you—at no extra cost—for the lifetime of your WebPT Membership.

WebPT Billing Benefits

Integration Capable Icon

Integration Capable

Does your clinic use a separate billing software? No problem. WebPT integrates with several top billing programs, including Kareo, AdvancedMD, Therabill, and CollaborateMD.

Great Support Icon

Great Support

Not only do WebPT Members get the best EMR solution around, but they also enjoy unlimited phone and email access to a team of dedicated system and compliance experts.

Easy to Use Icon

Easy to Use

Better tell your patients’ stories—and save time in the process thanks to dropdown checklists, auto-completing text boxes, and an intuitive workflow.

Therapy-Focused Icon


WebPT was created by a physical therapist for other therapists, so you’ll have a solution designed with you and your workflow in mind. Think intuitive SOAP notes, referral tracking, and up-to-date compliance features.

Web-Based Icon


WebPT is completely web-based, which means you needn’t worry about internal servers, IT staff, or manual downloads. All you need is a web browser, an Internet connection, and poof—you’re experiencing the latest and greatest in EMR.

Efficient Icon


With WebPT, you’ll be better organized, more productive, and more efficient because all of your important information—records, calendars, and claims—is just a click away. Plus, you can fax directly from the system.

Access from Anywhere Icon

Access from Anywhere

With WebPT, you’ll be able to securely schedule, document, and bill from anywhere, at anytime. No more staying at the office late to finish your administrative work.

Free Training Icon

Free Training

WebPT is so intuitive that our top-of-the-line training staff will have you and your clinic up and running in a matter of hours. Have a lingering question? No worries. Give support a call anytime—for free.

Profitable Icon


WebPT Members report saving thousands of dollars every year with WebPT thanks to increased productivity, improved reimbursements, and better business insight—not to mention all the money they’re not spending on paper, ink, and manila folders.

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