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After retiring from the NFL and coaching football at the University of Virginia, Joel Makovicka—three-time national champion and All-American for the Nebraska Cornhuskers—returned to his home state of Nebraska, graduated from Creighton University with his doctorate in physical therapy, and set out to follow in his father’s footsteps by opening his own physical therapy practice. While at Creighton, Makovicka met fellow PT Natalie Harms, and together they opened their first outpatient physical therapy clinic in Omaha in July 2009. Since then, Makovicka Physical Therapy has expanded to 11 clinic locations—and nearly 100 employees—across Omaha and Lincoln.


In less than a decade, Makovicka Physical Therapy has experienced rapid growth. And despite the fact that the organization—as well as its Chief Operating Officer, Josh Richling—prioritized the patient experience and believed it to be an important metric for success, the company’s prior patient satisfaction tracking methods proved difficult, time-consuming, and less-than-valuable in terms of the information the team was able to collect. So, Richling decided it was time for the organization to invest in a scalable solution that better measured—and monitored—the patient experience. Chief Compliance Officer Dan McCutchen agreed, believing this was an opportunity for the organization to improve and refine patients’ overall experience: “Our biggest challenges centered around tracking patients, outcomes, and clinicians,” he said. “We needed a better way to examine our course of care and patient experience.”.

The Makovicka team was specifically looking for a patient relationship management (PRM) solution that would:

  • integrate with their current EMR (WebPT),
  • be easy to use, and
  • help generate actionable feedback from patients.

They found all of that—and more—in WebPT Reach.


After meeting Reach co-creators Scott Hebert and Ryan Klepps at the APTA’s Private Practice Section Conference, the leadership team at Makovicka Physical Therapy felt confident in their decision to adopt the PRM platform. McCutchen was pleased that Reach would fit right into his company’s existing workflow without putting any additional burden on his team. In fact, the software actually improved operational efficiency: “We felt comfortable with the product and felt the ease-of-use was beneficial,” he said. “We wanted to avoid a product that added more time to an already busy schedule.”

And the process to implement Reach was painless. According to Richling, “Reach required very little in terms of input from Makovicka to get started, and training was an hour once a week for four weeks.” Because Makovicka already used WebPT, the integration was seamless (although WebPT Reach does offer two EMR-agnostic versions).

We decreased the number of patients who stopped care after one to four visits, and we have, on average, lengthened care by more than one visit per episode of care. This leads to more revenue as well as increased patient satisfaction.
- Dan McCutchen, Chief Compliance Officer

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