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Elite Physical Therapy Enhances Care, Improves Communication, and Streamlines Workflows

WebPT Helps Increase Efficiency and Reduce Errors with a ‘Foolproof’ Interface.

WebPT simplified chart creation and access, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

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April 29, 2024
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Elizabeth Guest, Medical Office Administrator at the bustling Elite Physical Therapy, faced operational challenges stemming from inefficient systems and manual processes. These inefficiencies impacted daily tasks, making it difficult to collect patient information quickly and accurately—resulting in frustration for staff and longer wait times for patients. Elite, committed to providing exceptional patient care, recognized the need for a solution to streamline workflows and improve communication among staff, patients, and providers. 


Disconnected systems and manual processes created roadblocks for the Elite Physical Therapy team. Collecting patient information was cumbersome, and communication with other healthcare providers could have been more seamless. These challenges led to errors in data entry and delays in treatment. They needed a solution to centralize patient data, streamline reporting processes, and enhance collaboration. That's where WebPT came in. 

When first implementing WebPT, the Elite team knew they had a great system because it was so user-friendly. Elizabeth stated, “Honestly, it was so easy to learn. Previously, I got to a point where patients would call in to schedule an appointment, and I used to have to grab a piece of paper to write down all their information. But now, I go right into WebPT and create their chart while I am on the phone with them!” 


Gone are the days of juggling multiple systems.  Elite Physical Therapy staff now enjoy a seamless charting experience with WebPT. All patient information is accessible in one place, saving valuable time and reducing frustration. 

Thanks to WebPT’s intuitive interface, Elite Physical Therapy staff can easily manage patient charts. “It makes it foolproof when you set up the chart. Every tab is there, all the information is there. You go from point A to point B to over to Z, and if you follow it like you should to enter all the information for the patient, then when it comes time to report, there shouldn’t be anything that is lacking if you have filled out everything,” Elizabeth explains.  

The platform allows them to easily monitor plan-of-care expiration, pending authorizations, and expiring prescriptions. Elizabeth highlights the value of these reports, exclaiming, "All the reports that we use with WebPT have a benefit or value of some sort. Even when it comes to PTs finding out who is seeing more new patients this month compared to the other PTs—all the reports are just amazing!"

WebPT's ease of use also saves Elizabeth valuable time. "I've worked with some EMR systems where you actually have to get out of the patient's chart to get to their progress notes, evaluation, and everything from the physical therapist. It's in two separate locations, and that makes it really difficult. With WebPT, I love that you can go into every part of the patient's chart from one spot. All you have to do is click on the tab of what you want to get to, and whether it be the attachments for e-docs or their insurance information, it's all right there!" 

Another time-saving feature is WebPT's integrated faxing capabilities, which streamline communication with other healthcare providers.  Elizabeth explains the benefits, saying, "You can check to see that your faxes have gone through because you're faxing from the system rather than paper faxing, which works so much better because you can see if a fax has failed so you can resubmit it. It's instantaneous, too. It will show up on the report if it went through, and you have the option inside that report to click 're-fax' if necessary. It's not like you have to go back into the patient chart to start the fax all over again; you can re-fax from that screen, which is super helpful when needed."


By consolidating patient information and workflows within a single platform, Elite Physical Therapy was able to streamline its processes, reducing administrative burden and improving staff productivity. This has led to increased staff morale and better patient service.

WebPT has also facilitated seamless communication with other healthcare professionals through standardized, easy-to-read documentation and automated patient outreach. This resulted in fewer errors in communication and improved coordination of care.

On top of the EMR, WebPT's marketing and engagement features increased staff productivity while enhancing the patient experience through educational resources and personalized communication. “It keeps us from having to personally send out paperwork to patients, which is a huge plus! Before WebPT, we were having to either email or physically mail paperwork to the patient, so having the platform has made us really efficient.” 

“Patients have also come in and said they enjoy the emails we send out every once in a while, giving them different exercises they can do based on what they’re coming to see us for and giving them additional resources around their plan of care. They also really like the happy birthday wishes, which are a nice touch point for patients as well.” 


By leveraging WebPT, Elite Physical Therapy successfully transformed its patient reporting and practice management processes. “I have used several of the EMRs out there, and WebPT is my absolute favorite. If anyone is doubting using WebPT, they need to just take the plunge and go for it!”  Elizabeth exclaimed. 

With enhanced efficiency, improved communication, and a focus on patient-centered care, Elite Physical Therapy optimized its operations and elevated the overall quality of the patient experience using WebPT. 


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