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In November of 2006, Amado Mendoza, PT started A&M Therapy, an outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Merritt Island, Florida—home of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Today, A&M Therapy has a staff of five that includes one physical therapist, two part-time PTAs, and a per diem PT. The team works with a variety of patients—everyone from infants with torticollis and 90-year-olds with balance disorders to physicians with acute back pain and NASA personnel with vertigo. Mendoza’s favorite part of treatment is watching his patients reach what he refers to as their “Aha!” moment—the instant they realize how effective physical therapy is and that even after suffering with their dysfunction for what felt like an eternity, they can experience relief. According to Mendoza, physical therapy is a science right up there with rocket science—literally.


Before WebPT, the team at A&M Therapy was using another cloud-based EMR, but as Mendoza puts it, that system just wasn’t “smart.” “Switching to WebPT is like switching from a regular phone to a smartphone.” And boy is he glad he did.


We chose WebPT because it is affordable and specific to physical therapy. We believe that WebPT understands our needs as a small business. Plus, they provided us with great customer training.


With WebPT, A&M Therapy has a partner in documentation and compliance. In fact, it now takes A&M Therapy one to two hours less to complete their notes, thus allowing them to focus on what they do best: provide top-notch physical therapy for their clients. Additionally, implementing WebPT has allowed the A&M team to stay up-to-date on the latest government and regulatory requirements, which is especially helpful right now because “the medical field is going through an upheaval of tectonic proportions,” Mendoza says.

According to Mendoza, WebPT also is a source of news and information on current events that impact the physical therapy profession: “They provide webinars free of charge,” Mendoza says. He also points out that WebPT’s “customer support staff is second to none.”

So how would Mendoza summarize his experience with WebPT?

WebPT is seamless and painless and has allowed my clinic to survive as a small business practice focusing on what we should be focused on: [providing] quality physical therapy care.

In short, implementing WebPT has “solved our documentation challenges.”

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