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Staying compliant is simple with WebPT.

In times of increasing regulations and decreased reimbursements, your clinic can’t afford any slip-ups—or paper cuts. That’s where WebPT comes in. We’re your partner in compliance, dedicated to helping you ensure your documentation and billing are up to snuff while providing a wealth of educational materials. That way, you’re prepared for anything.

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I love the way the product took you through the Medicare requirements for physical therapy... If you are concerned about how to keep your practice safe, this is the product to use.

Kathleen Young, CEO, CPC, CPMA

Owner at Healthcare Chart Audits

If we had a middle name, it'd be compliance.

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As of October 1, 2015, virtually all healthcare professionals must use ICD-10 diagnosis codes in order to get paid. The switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 represents one of the healthcare industry's biggest changes, but WebPT makes selecting and using ICD-10 codes super easy with our intelligent code selection tool.Learn More

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Ah, G-codes. Tricky little buggers. No worries, though, because we’ve got them all sorted out—for both PQRS and functional limitation reporting—and we’re here to help you make sense of them, too.Learn More

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CPT Codes

Feeling confused about when to use Modifier 59? WebPT can help. Simply turn on the CCI Edit feature, and our built-in tool will check your CPT codes against the Medicare CCI rules as you add billable services to each visit. If you enter any CCI edit pairs on the same visit, we’ll notify you so you can decide if your records justify billing both codes. If they do, simply acknowledge the notification and we’ll automatically add modifier 59 to the appropriate code.Learn More

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8-Minute Rule

In order to receive reimbursement from Medicare for a time-based code, you must provide direct treatment for at least eight minutes. Sounds simple, but if you perform multiple time-based or constant attendance services, things can get a little tricky. Skip the high school math refresher and let WebPT do the calculations for you. Learn More



Not all cloud-based EMR software is created equally. WebPT is a CMS-approved Certified Registry for PQRS. So with us, staying compliant is easy. Simply answer a few extra questions during documentation, and WebPT collects and stores the data based on the specific measures you choose. We then compile the data for electronic submission and deliver it at the end of your claim period.Learn More

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Therapy Cap

The therapy cap: another one of those pesky Medicare policies affecting the way you get paid. Staying on top of the cap can be a pain, but WebPT eases the process with its therapy cap tracking, alerts, and simple KX modifier application. We also provide tracking for Medicare’s multiple payment procedure reduction policy.Learn More



Patient privacy is serious business. Even one HIPAA slip-up could cost your practice thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of pressure. But with a secure, cloud-based EMR like WebPT, you can rest easy knowing your patient data is safe.Learn More

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Medicare policy is ever-evolving. To ensure our Members stay current with the constant stream of new rules, regulations, and initiatives—and to help keep them compliant—we constantly update our application to reflect Medicare changes and provide educational materials in digestible formats. Learn More

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As of July 1, 2013, CMS requires functional limitation reporting (FLR). And if your clinic isn’t compliant, you won’t get paid. Talk about pressure. With WebPT, though, you automatically get a fully integrated reporting solution within your existing documentation. It’s an FLR easy button—complete with built-in alerts to ensure that you’re compliant every time.Learn More

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