No two rehab therapy clinics operate exactly alike. That’s one of the first things I learned about this industry. Clinics may look alike on the surface, but when you dig deeper into business operation, you start to see snowflakes forming. Luckily, WebPT offers a number of customization features, and we’re adding more by the month. September’s product updates include expanded customization options for therapists, billers, and managers.

Hide the billing codes you don’t need.

WebPT users can now customize the billing tab. That means you can hide the billing codes you don’t need and display only the ones you want. With this update, you’ll decrease the time you spend selecting codes, reduce billing errors, and increase reimbursements.

This update came as a direct result of Member feedback, through which we learned that displaying so many codes slowed down a provider’s ability to complete documentation. Furthermore, providers sometimes selected invalid or non-reimbursable codes, thus causing billing and reimbursement issues down the road.

Now, company administrators can easily remove irrelevant billing codes from the Company Fee Schedule to help their providers increase documentation efficiency and decrease billing errors. We’ve already received tons of positive reviews from our beta testers—“I zipped through the tab and unchecked the codes that we don’t bill here,” said Ashley Alexander, the operations manager of Walker Physical Therapy in Menifee, Calif.—so we’re super excited to release this new customization feature to all Members.



Get ahead of authorization approvals. 

We’ve added a custom date field to the Ending Authorizations report so users can easily find patients who are almost out of visits—and then proactively obtain authorization for additional visits. Want to see which authorizations expire in the next week? Easy. Simply set that specific date range in the calendar picker.



Code more accurately with expanded time-coding options.

We’ve also added “pseudo-timed codes” to the application based on recommendations from CMS. This new option allows providers to accurately bill for services whose CPT codes that are defined by a specific timeframe other than the traditional 15-minute interval. Learn more about these new coding options.