This month, we’ve been pretty focused on how you can make the most of your WebPT Membership. Today, we’ve got more of the same. Specifically, here are a few pointers from our Support Team that you can implement to make your already intuitive WebPT workflow even better:

  • Each morning, open daily notes for all patients on the schedule that day so the Missed Notes Report will function correctly and you’ll have a list of any incomplete documents in the At a Glance section. (Just make sure to remove these docs at the end of the day for patients who cancel or don’t show.)
  • Run the Missed Notes Report daily. (Therapists should check for the current day; front office staff should check for the prior day.)
  • Run the Claims Feed Report weekly (more often for large clinics) so you never end up with a month’s worth—or six—of failed validations.
  • Take advantage of the Plan of Care Report. That way you can ensure physicians are signing your plans. (You’ll need to assign your note to the specific document the physician signed and returned. For more info, check out this user guide.)
  • Use the Lost Patient Log to identify patients you should discharge. This will keep the At a Glance section of your dashboard clean as it does not include information regarding discharged patients. Ideally, you should have few—if any—At a Glancealerts.
  • Always (always, always) finalize your last daily note before creating—and finalizing—a new one so your goals carry over correctly. If you accidentally forget to finalize a daily note and then you create a new one—thus preventing your goals from pulling forward—try this: 
  1. Remove any open notes in the patient’s chart
  2. Create and finalize an addendum with the correct goals on the last progress note or initial evaluation
  3. Load the new note


What do you do to make the most of your WebPT workflow? Tell us and your fellow WebPT Members in the comments section below.