There’s a lot going on in the healthcare industry (cough, cough—ICD-10), but this year, October represents more than the greatest coding transition in US history; it’s also cause for celebration. That’s because October is National PT Month. Each year, the APTA determines a new theme that celebrates the strengths of the PT profession. The 2015 focus: aging well.

As you’re well aware, physical therapists help individuals with more than injury rehabilitation. Physical therapy can help the aging population avoid surgery, deter long-term use of prescription drugs, overcome pain, and maintain—or even regain—functional movement. All of this allows individuals to preserve their independence—something that’s truly invaluable. This month’s celebration of PT is the perfect opportunity to help educate our communities on all the awesome stuff therapists do every day.

So, here’s how you can get involved (as adapted from the APTA):

  • Get social. The APTA is using the hashtag #AgeWell on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Remember to follow MoveForward on social media and share your own stories using this hashtag.
  • Visit to get up-to-snuff on aging-related PT facts.
  • Host a community event in celebration of National Physical Therapy Month.
  • Mark your calendar: October 17 is Global PT Day of Service—another great opportunity to join your fellow therapists and get involved in your community.

Looking for more social media tools to help you promote the value of your profession? Check out this link. Finally, thank you, physical therapists, for all of the good you do for your patients, families, and communities. Cheers!