Regardless of a patient’s physical condition, he or she can use vibration plates to support neuromuscular performance. Through proprioceptive stimulation, patients can benefit from restored joint, ligament, muscle, and fascia function. Patients also can use vibration plates as a mechanism to reduce inflammation. Plus, these plates are appropriate for use in a variety of settings—from fitness and athletic performance centers to medical rehab and active aging facilities. Here are just some of the positive outcomes your patients can achieve through vibration training:

  • Rehab faster
  • Reduce pain (without prescription drugs)
  • Boost fitness
  • Improve strength
  • Gain a competitive edge in sports and athletics

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for vibration plates for your rehab therapy clinic. The VibePlate is made in the USA and is the only whole body vibration machine (WBV) that allows for all functional movement. On top of that, WebPT Members can pick up some good vibrations when they purchase the VibePlate at a discounted rate through the WebPT Marketplace.

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