I can’t believe it’s already July. Seriously, as fast as this year’s moving, it won’t be long before I don a pair of cozy candy-cane socks and start bustin’ out my best cookie recipes. And what’s more exciting than the thought of eating holiday cookies? Nothing, really. But, a close second is the thought of attending some of the physical therapy industry’s best conferences. Now, several of our favorite events are already behind us (CSM and APTA NEXT, among others). But, if you haven’t had a chance to attend a conference in 2016, check out our list of upcoming can’t-miss events:

Triumph in the Triple-Aim Game: The Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Readmission Reduction, Patient Safety Promotion, and ACO Success - Regular BannerTriumph in the Triple-Aim Game: The Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Readmission Reduction, Patient Safety Promotion, and ACO Success - Small Banner


September 9-10
Fort Worth, TX

Ascend is a two-day conference dedicated to helping PTs and OTs become better in business. At this event, you’ll earn up to nine CEUs, network with industry professionals, and learn how to take your business to the next level with guidance from the rehab therapy industry’s best and brightest leaders. More specifically, you’ll learn about digital marketing, company culture, regulatory changes, billing best practices, and other topics from speakers like:

  • Ben Fung, DPT, MBA
  • Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
  • Daphne Scott, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, OCS
  • Gene Shirokobrod, DPT
  • Dr. Larry Benz, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP
  • Justin Moore, PT, DPT

To learn more and see the full agenda, visit AscendEvent.com.


October 8
Santa Clara, CA

Every year, more than 1,000 PTs and PTAs gather at the California Physical Therapy Association’s annual conference to exchange business best practices and establish new strategies for elevating the entire profession. This conference also offers networking opportunities and special events. Speaker topics include:

  • movement retraining,
  • running dystonia,
  • use of neuroimaging,
  • movement dysfunction during cycling,
  • 3D printing, dosing for children with CP,
  • use of virtual reality, and
  • payment reform.

Learn more and register here.


October 19-22
Las Vegas, NV

PPS is an annual conference for private practice business owners. This year, attendees can earn up to 1.45 CEUs and learn about topics like physical therapy payment updates, human resources, business operations, and compliance. Keynote speakers include:

  • Paul Begala, CNN
  • Mike Murphy, NBC
  • Ann Rhoades, Corporate executive

See the full agenda and register here.


October 27-29
Miami, FL

Are you a DPT student looking for a conference made specifically for you? Well, you’re in luck: the APTA’s National Student Conclave offers students the opportunity to network with their peers and mentors while attending educational sessions designed to prepare them for a career in physical therapy. The full agenda isn’t out yet, but you can view last year’s highlights and learn more here.


December 1-3
Las Vegas, NV

The SPTS Team Concept Conference (TCC) is all about sports therapy. And this year, the Sports Physical Therapy Section is partnering with the the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT) to produce an even bigger event. This three-day conference will kick off with a golf medicine symposium. Then, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on labs and other themed sessions. For more information, visit the SPTS website.

So, what cookies do you plan to make? I mean, uh, which events will you attend? We hope to see you there. Oh, and when you’re making the rounds at one of these awesome physical therapy conferences, don’t forget to come say “hey” and give us a high-five or two.

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    Attend Like You Mean It: The PT’s Guide to Making the Most Out of Conferences

    APTA’s NEXT conference just wrapped up in DC, and in case you missed it, we recently announced the second annual Ascend business summit . As any rehab therapist will tell you, though, these two conferences are merely the tip of the trade show iceberg. In addition to the national APTA conference, there are meetings for all the different sections and state associations—not to mention all the shows outside of the APTA. With so many conferences vying for …

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    How to Get the Most Out of Ascend 2018

    Ascend is only a few weeks away, which means it’s almost time for our favorite event of the year! And this year, we’re hosting it in our favorite place: our hometown of Phoenix. What makes it even more special is that (1) we just moved into our brand-new headquarters, and (2) we’re celebrating WebPT’s 10th birthday. So obviously, we’re super-pumped to share our new space, our community, and our 10-year festivities with all of our Ascend peeps. …

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    Ascend Event: A DPT Student’s Perspective

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    Ascend 2018: Our Biggest Speaker Lineup Yet

    This year marks WebPT’s 10th anniversary of education, dedication, and innovation in the rehab therapy space—and what better way to celebrate than to put together our biggest Ascend agenda and speaker lineup yet? Rehab therapy’s best and brightest will come together this fall at Ascend—but this conference isn’t just about gleaning tons of actionable business wisdom from our superstar speakers. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to take the floor yourself as you participate in meaningful discussions …

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    5 Reasons to Attend Ascend in 2018

    The ultimate rehab therapy business summit is only two months away, so we here at WebPT have kicked it into high gear adding finishing touches to the event. Case in point: We just rounded out our biggest speaker lineup yet with two heavy-hitting keynotes: Stephania Bell (PT and Injury Analyst for ESPN) and David Elton (Senior Vice President for Clinical Programs at Optum). While those keynotes are impressive, they’re merely cherries on top of a one-of-a-kind experience …

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    8 Reasons You Should Attend Ascend 2017

      Great news! Ascend— the ultimate business summit for rehab therapists —is back. Last year, the third-annual event hit Fort Worth, Texas, for two incredibly educational (and incredibly fun) days. This year—September 29 and 30, to be exact—Ascend is heading to our nation’s capital. As we all know, DC is full of movers, shakers, and changemakers, and Ascend will keep that tradition alive—minus the political drama. This two-day conference is a can’t-miss affair. Here’s why: 1.) You’ll …

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    29 Ways to Remedy Rehab Therapy Burnout

    As a therapist, you care about your patients (thank you, captain obvious ). But it’s this helpful nature that’s often responsible for stress, frustration, and even career burnout. When things get rough, you might find yourself internalizing patient progress—or lack thereof. Additionally, you might feel like you have to constantly fill the “therapist” role, even when you’re not in the clinic. Plus, you’re under pressure to answer tons of questions thrown your way on a daily basis …

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