Great news! Ascend—the ultimate business summit for rehab therapists—is back. Last year, the third-annual event hit Fort Worth, Texas, for two incredibly educational (and incredibly fun) days. This year—September 29 and 30, to be exact—Ascend is heading to our nation’s capital. As we all know, DC is full of movers, shakers, and changemakers, and Ascend will keep that tradition alive—minus the political drama. This two-day conference is a can’t-miss affair. Here’s why:

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1.) You’ll earn CEUs.

In addition to upping their business acumen, physical and occupational therapists will earn continuing education units for attending Ascend (CEUs pending approval from state APTA chapters as well as the AOTA).

2.) Industry experts will detail their secrets to success.

From clinical and business management experts Mary R. Daulong, PT, CHC, CHP, and Pete Celano to fitness and wellness gurus Chris and Heidi Powell, industry leaders and trailblazers from near and far will converge at Ascend to share with attendees their secrets to business and clinical success. Curious as to whether their insights apply to you and your professional role? Ascend is the ultimate business summit for anyone and everyone in rehab therapy, from clinic owners, managers, and practicing therapists to students, clerical staff, and billers.

3.) There’s a major award!

The Ascend Practice of the Year Award is the only award in outpatient rehab that specifically honors practices that achieve noteworthy business results. It’s also one of the few business awards—period—that doesn’t come with an application fee. If you own or work in a private practice and/or outpatient rehab therapy facility, and your organization has achieved impressive business results—whether that’s in the form of revenue or clinic growth, introduction of an innovative new product or service, or completion of an industry-advancing initiative—then we want to hear about it! Apply here, and put your practice in the running for this prestigious honor.

4.) You’ll discover the latest and greatest products and services.

WebPT is proud to be one of the most innovative tech companies in health care. But our commitment to innovation doesn’t start and stop with us. We’re hand-picking the vendors for Ascend 2017 to ensure these companies come to Ascend ready to show off—and provide education for—the most innovative and impactful products, services, and technology available within the rehab therapy space.

5.) You can hobnob with the industry’s best and brightest.

Everyone loves an opportunity to network, but it’s a much more rewarding experience when you can rub elbows with the movers and shakers of your own profession. Ascend brings renowned speakers—who have beaucoup experience to boot—together with rehab therapy professionals from clinics big and small around the entire country. What unites all of us is 1.) our love for this industry, and 2.) our dedication to business excellence. Rehab therapists don’t necessarily receive business training in school, but events like Ascend ensure that doesn’t hold anyone back from realizing their potential in this industry.

6.) There are major healthcare changes on the horizon—and this is your chance to get in the know.

If you follow the WebPT Blog, then you know the entire healthcare industry is staring down the barrel of a payment reform cannon. And it’s up to the practitioners themselves to ensure this change doesn’t barrel them over or blow past them. To complicate matters, the potential for an ACA replacement still looms, the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is underway, and CMS has yet to outline how reimbursements will evolve with the new evaluation codes.

Physical therapists are in the midst of a pretty thick plot right now. Do you feel prepared and knowledgeable enough to handle all these changes? They’re all coming down the pike like a speeding bullet, which is why we’ll tackle as many regulatory changes as possible during this year’s conference. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to not only understand upcoming developments, but also learn strategies for seeing your practice through the challenges ahead.

7.) You’ll get the perfect mix of history and culture.

Since our nation’s founding, Washington, DC, has been a hub for America’s most influential leaders, changemakers, and trailblazers. So, what better place for rehab therapy’s best and brightest to converge in a joint effort to move themselves, their practices, and their entire profession forward? But DC has more to offer than boundless inspiration in the form of museums, monuments, and memorials; it’s also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, a smorgasbord of top-rated dining spots, and an ample supply of sports and entertainment options.

8.) Advanced pricing is going on now.

Registration for Ascend includes breakfast and lunch both days, all applicable CEUs, and the opportunity to network with leaders across the therapy industry. Snag advanced pricing now, but hurry! Prices increase on June 31, 2017. Oh, and be sure to enter code “8ReasonstoAttend” to knock an extra $100 off.  

Still need convincing? Check out the video below to see highlights from last year’s event.


Questions? Leave ’em in the comment section, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Otherwise, we’ll see you this September!




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