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23 Patient Stories That Show Just How Amazing PTs Are

Consider this collection of patient testimonials a small token of our appreciation for physical therapists. We hope you enjoy them!

Sarah Gray
5 min read
November 24, 2021
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November: A month where we take in the fresh air, the changing colors, and as many pumpkin-spiced flavors as we can handle. It’s also a time when we reflect on what we’re most appreciative for. And we at WebPT would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge how grateful we are for the hardworking physical therapists that show up day after day to provide the best possible care to their patients.

So, in the spirit of thankfulness, we’re sharing a collection of PT patient stories that highlight the many ways that PTs have changed lives for the better.

Mountain Land Physical Therapy

“Mountain Land Physical Therapy has probably given me the best medical experience I have ever had in my life so far. I never enjoyed going to the doctor’s office—but this clinic changed my perspective so quickly. The physical therapists as well as their techs and staff treat everyone with the utmost respect and care. I had major back issues before seeking help and now I can confidently say I have near to no pain while working with Mountain Land Physical Therapy. These amazing people not only worked tirelessly to get me the care I needed, but also made me feel so comfortable and safe in the process. Thank you, Mountain Land team, for healing me and also improving my quality of life exponentially.”

“I have had tendonitis in my Achilles for more than five years. I had been able to manage the flare-ups until I took a wrong step, heard a pop, and immediately had to limp to walk. The pain was excruciating and I thought my running days were done for the year. I was told by a friend to go to Mandy Mehler at Mountain Land Physical Therapy. I walked into her office in the middle of July barely able to walk. After working with her, I was able to compete in Hood to Coast and Ragnar Bourbon Chase by August and October, respectively. The reason I am able to walk, run, and live pain-free is because of Mandy. I owe her more than she and her team know. To anyone who is in a similar state that I was, that needs assistance but just doesn’t feel a PT is going to help: Let Mandy and her team prove you wrong.”


“MovementX changed my perception of how physical therapists work with their patients. Kristin Kupras with MovementX comes to your home, listens to you about your specific issues, provides deep tissue work, and outlines an exercise plan to fit that week's issues. She works with you on that exercise plan so that you're doing it correctly before she heads out the door. Kristen is a great listener. During follow-up visits, she takes note of your improvements and modifies the deep tissue work and exercise plans. She knows what she's talking about, and clearly wants to see you improve!”

"I have had two PT sessions with Dr. Liz Ruegg with Movement, and I cannot say enough about the positive care I have received. I am a healthcare provider and an avid exerciser/athlete enduring a long-standing injury to my low back with a tremendously difficult recovery. In addition to the chronic physical pain, I've fought the mental battle of "fearing movement” and feeling like I would never get back to being my normal athletic self. Liz's words, expertise in her field, and personalized plan have begun to dissolve that mindset, and lessen my pain level already. She is patient, attentive, a critical thinker, and gives just the right amount of challenge to her patients without invoking fear. I look forward to a strong and active life without constant back pain very soon. Thank you to Liza and MovementX for doing what you do."

"Dr. Scott McAfee takes physical therapy to the next level of care! He worked tirelessly with me to address a persistent and painful hamstring injury that was significantly interfering with my active lifestyle. Right from the start, Scott was amazing. He listened attentively to my history and conducted a thorough assessment to determine the nature and extent of my condition. He then developed a tailored plan that he carefully reviewed with me before any treatment started—over the course of the month my quality of life steadily and dramatically improved. He hit the perfect mark on combining different manipulations, stretching, and exercises—and his responsiveness to my questions and feedback was outstanding. He knows how to listen, identify issues, and tailor the right plan for your specific physical issues. Moreover, he is warm, caring, attentive, and flexible. These qualities are exceedingly important to senior citizens, such as myself. Scott is a treasure and a real healer!"

Carter Physiotherapy

“Tarina has been a true Godsend for me and my family. After rupturing my C1 in a car wreck, I had a cervical fusion performed and my surgeon said I’d only regain 50% of range of motion at best. After going to the PT that my surgeon referred I had only regained 20%—on a good day. Unsatisfied, I asked my doctor for a second referral and he sent me to Carter Physiotherapy where I met Tarina. Tarina gave me one-on-one treatment and the therapy was comprehensive and unique each week, adapted based on my difficulties during the week. After three months of therapy I was at 50% range of motion and even beyond that on good days. I can not recommend Tarina and Carter Physiotherapy enough!”

“I had a partial tear of my PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) in February 2013. I visited a doctor who strongly advised me to do a surgery with an estimated recovery time of six to nine months. I really wanted to avoid it and came across Dr. Carter. At our first appointment, he did some tests to check the strength of my knee and leg and he was very confident we could get through it without surgery. Within two to three sessions I was already playing soccer at almost 100% with some mild discomfort. As the sessions passed, we worked on minimizing the discomfort and strengthening the muscles around the ligament. Within two months, I was already playing at a very good level and with no discomfort. I am about 15 months past my injury and have no need for surgery. Thanks, Dr. Carter!”

Bay State Physical Therapy

“I always know I can count on my caring and friendly physical therapist to help lift my spirits and get me moving again with less pain. The time I’ve spent one-on-one with my PT has really paid off. With less pain, I am able to get back to the activities that I love. What I value most is that I feel my physical therapist genuinely cares about me and my recovery, and they are always determined to help me achieve my goals. Whenever I get the chance to recommend them to my family, friends, and neighbors, I do so with great enthusiasm and the knowledge that they truly improve the lives of their patients.”

“The patient/physical therapist relationship goes beyond therapy with the physical therapist taking an interest in what else might be going on in a patient’s life. Depending on schedules, patients begin to recognize each other, and a sense of camaraderie develops. It is an extraordinary atmosphere! My PT is the ultimate professional, going to great lengths to explain what he is doing and why, leaving no question unanswered. There are undoubtedly days when patients do not want to deal with health issues, yet my PT is a welcome up-lift in my day.”

Summit Physical Therapy

“Summit Physical Therapy has taken great care of many people I care about. I’ve witnessed that Summit PT puts it all together—they are thoughtful, organized, professional, efficient, effective, and state-of-the-art. Every member of Summit treats their clients from a place of deep humanity—there is no substitute for this when it comes to building trust and a therapeutic alliance. Summit has consistently shown exceptional outcomes—many beyond expectations or assumptions. It doesn’t hurt that they are also a really nice bunch of people who clearly love their community.”

“I have been going to Summit Physical Therapy for several different reasons and have found help and relief from pain every time. The PTs listen to you and what you are saying in regards to your pain and try to figure out the best course of action for you. I always recommend Summit Physical Therapy to my friends when they ask about PT, or even when they complain about something hurting.”

“I had been dealing with chronic pain for four years and had seen numerous doctors and practitioners without good results. The therapist at Summit was amazing and knowledgeable. I am so grateful for their business! Life can be pain-free.”


“After college football, I was left with a few lingering injuries that resulted in me losing full range of motion and recruitment of muscles in my shoulder. Having spent enough time in pain and discomfort, I sought the help of a physical therapist. Praying that therapy would give me some relief and some degree of performance back, I reluctantly contacted Rehab2Perform after being referred by friends and family.

The front desk got me situated quickly which quieted my initial fears and doubts of the process. I got a working schedule with both Dr. Sarah Onderko and Dr. Ashley Young. I worked with them for a full two months. I can say that it has been life-changing to go from a place of managed pain and average performance in my shoulder and elbow to pain-free after so much time thinking that dealing with pain and discomfort was what my life would always be like. Sarah and Ashley, I would like to thank both of you for the work you have put in to get me where I am today. I look forward to our next session. Forever grateful.”

“Rehab 2 Perform was life-changing for me. I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative cervical spine and neck with extreme nerve pain and limited mobility. It all was exacerbated during the pandemic while working remotely. I was finding it difficult to drive, to sleep, to work etc. The pain and limited mobility were wearing me down physically and emotionally. I started working with Dr. Kelly Yates and she started me with strength and flexibility exercises on-site which could also be done at home. She slowly added different things which increased my range of motion and decreased the nerve pain. I suddenly was able to sleep better, function at work, and enjoy all the things I did before this pain started. I can’t say enough about my personal experience at R2P and I am extremely grateful for Kelly. Without her, I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do now.”

Fitness Matters

“I like the individual treatment plans designed just to meet my needs. It is definitely not a cookie-cutter approach where all people with similar issues are treated the same. Also, your physical therapists are genuinely nice, personable, knowledgeable, and caring experts. I have worked with two therapists at FM with wonderful results.”

“No matter what service I have been there for, the whole staff truly cares for my well-being as a whole, not just one condition or challenge. I trust them implicitly! My experience here has changed my life and health in ways I never thought possible!”

“Getting younger every year" would be the story of what the great people at Fitness Matters have helped me achieve. This is not just about being in better shape. It is about a better life. I never played sports or wanted to invest time in being "in shape". But now, about twice a week I show up at FM and I'm greeted by happy, friendly people who love working with clients and with one another. You can sense it when you walk in. It's not a gym. It's not a clinic. 

After a surgery last year I saw physical therapists who are a part of the team. A key piece is that I discovered that I didn’t really know what "being in shape" meant—or felt like! Getting your muscles and nerves and breathing to work together can actually be fun—and does it make a difference to how I feel! Everything is better—movement, posture, stamina, stability—and keeps getting better. I didn't believe it was possible for someone like me who hated to work out. I guess the difference now is that I get to spend an hour with people who really know what they are doing, people I like and respect, people who care about how I'm doing and progressing. So, they have me “working out,” without me actually realizing it. If a lazy, lethargic guy like me can do it, probably anyone can! Live longer… and live younger.”

Spooner Physical Therapy

“This place gave me hope. I was hit by a red-light runner and went somewhere else first. Then my PCP gave me a referral to Spooner, and Spooner Old Town worked out for me. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for the physical therapists at this location! They never judged me for not being able to do something, yet pushed me through things they knew I could do and were my personal cheerleaders throughout my recovery process. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about what this office did for me. Dr. Brooke is a Godsend and Dr. Ryan is just as amazing! If you’re in need of physical therapy look no further…this is the place to go. Thank you so much for getting me back on my feet. Thank you for being there every step of the way, for never giving up on me, and for keeping me going, even when I felt like giving up. Thank you, Spooner, for having such amazing physical therapists, office staff, and PT assistants!”

“I am so happy that I found Spooner Physical Therapy! I am a professional musician, so I need to be as flexible as possible in order to perform well. They helped me to get back in action with my neck and hip. Thank you so much to my sports therapist Nick and the professional Spooner Team.”

“My surgeon sent me to Julie at Spooner Physical Therapy because I was having a lot of trouble with pain and range of motion after my mastectomy—what a Godsend she is! Her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and sincere empathy were exactly what I needed to get me the rest of the way over this postoperative hump. I cannot say enough nice things about her!”

Hands of Hope Physical Therapy

“I've been coming here for a couple of years—first for a job-related accident and, more recently, because I was knocked down by a speeding cyclist. Everyone is a top-notch professional. Leja and Tabby are super pleasant front desk personnel. Vinyo will help you with your exercises with a big smile. The therapists are hard-working and give everyone specialized attention. I've developed a bond with Stephanie and Abby, who always patiently listen to the complaints about my pain. Also important is that the place is kept neat and clean. I would highly recommend Hands of Hope if you need physical therapy.”

“I’ve never gone out of my way to rate a medical establishment, but the experience I’ve had at Hands of Hope is exceptional. The staff are welcoming, professional, and kind. I had been experiencing severe shoulder and back pain for months, and finally received a diagnosis for a not-so-common condition. Working with Dr. Kesha Patel has been empowering. I absolutely trust her judgement and the results from her attention and care have sped along my recovery. If you’re looking for a physical therapist that will pay attention to every micro exercise, and make you feel heard and well taken care of, look no further! Additionally, they are very consistent with COVID-19 procedures. Dr. Patel and the folks at Hands of Hope are top tier.”

“First things first: Amazing! 10 stars! I'm extremely picky when it comes to bodywork since I worked at a top-notch office for 13 years and I wouldn't even think about having anybody else work on me. Then COVID-19 happened and my office closed. I waited until my back was in full spasm and couldn't breathe. I found Hands of Hope online and read the positive reviews. They were able to get me in on the same day. From the moment I walked into the practice until I left, I was in great hands. They have amazing, friendly staff that are super professional and made me feel welcome. Dr. Hassan Elagaty is helping me correct my spine/posture etc. I have gone back twice and have already booked a third visit. I highly recommend them to anybody and everybody. It’s so nice to have found a great neighborhood physical therapy office.”

As these patient testimonials show, we have countless reasons to be grateful for all of the wonderful PTs out there. Thank you for everything that you do—and happy holidays to all!


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