Team Commitments

Our culture developed organically, and we work hard to nurture and preserve it. Here, we’re all about continually moving toward wellness and holding one another accountable for adhering to our eight core values:


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Create Raving Fans

We all have different roles to fill, but we’re united behind a singular mission: empowering our Members to achieve greatness in practice. Our goal is to exceed expectations with every interaction, both with our Members and with each other.

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F Up; Own Up

As a high performance-driven company, we believe in excellence of work, but aren’t immune to making mistakes. After all, we’re humans, not robots. What will not happen is passing bucks, pointing fingers, or covering our you-know-whats. Innovation is key to our success, so we embrace failure as a learning opportunity in order to push the status quo. Showing ownership, staying humble, and sharing learnings define our individual responsibility to ourselves and each other.

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Possess True Grit

Every day, you choose how you want to show up. Even when things don’t go according to plan, we maintain the heart, determination, and can-do attitude. We attack challenges with tenacity and the creative problem-solving necessary to right the ship and get back on course.

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Be Minty

We’re all about positive spirit, spunk, and fun—and of course, fresh breath never hurts. That kind of energy is contagious and feeds our service-with-a-smile approach. When you’re minty, you are a team player: it’s about supporting each other and winning together.

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Work Ethic:
Be Rock Solid

We definitely value hard work. More than that, though, we value smart work— innovative, creative, and brilliant work that’s done by trustworthy, dependable, and honest people willing to do what it takes to make things happen.

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Community Outreach:
Give Back

We recognize our good fortune in being able to give back. So we make it a point to pay it forward as volunteers, philanthropists, mentors, and advocates, in the hopes of creating a better community for everyone.

Health and Wellness:
Live Better

Rehab therapy is all about improving quality of life, and so are we. That’s why we promote, support and educate our WebPTers in making healthy choices for their minds, bodies, and souls. We prioritize creating a safe work space for every WebPTer to grow both personally and professionally.

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Resource Efficiency:
Do Más With Menos

WebPT started lean—with three employees in the back room of a coffee shop—and we never want to lose touch with our scrappy, start-up roots. Today, that tenacious and resourceful nature includes hiring wicked-smart people, using data to plan up front to reduce the potential of future waste, automating manual processes, and recycling whenever we can.

We also love flip-flops, food trucks, and Nerf guns.
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