To see results from our most recent industry survey, check out the 2019 State of Rehab Therapy Report.

To say that the healthcare industry is complex would be an understatement. While the advent of technology has made care more precise, efficient, and collaborative than ever before, it has also put greater pressure on providers to deliver high-value care at scale. After all, big data makes it possible to not only develop the most effective, evidence-based best practices for individual diagnoses, but also form evidence-based strategies for managing the health of populations.

In the spirit of leveraging data to the fullest, we conducted our second annual industry survey of rehab therapy professionals from a variety of settings, specialities, and geographic regions. This survey captured data points ranging from reimbursement percentages and payer mixes to clinic budgets and patient care barriers. We then analyzed the data and organized the resulting information and insights into a comprehensive report on the current state of the rehab therapy industry. This report covers:

  • Billing and revenue
  • Salary ranges and expectations
  • Patient dropout rates
  • Student debt accumulation
  • Technology solutions and comparisons

It is our hope that this data will drive meaningful change throughout the entire rehab therapy industry—change that will allow PTs, OTs, and SLPs to reach their full potential as healers and trailblazers. And that’s why we’re offering it all totally free of charge. Simply enter your email address below, and we’ll send you a copy of this year’s State of Rehab Therapy industry report.

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