The Rehab Therapist’s Guide to Business Benchmarks: 34 KPI Targets for Financially Healthy Practices

Learn how to set the right benchmarks for your PT, OT, or SLP clinic with these 34 KPI metric-tracking tips!

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What the heck constitutes a good metric?

What numbers should I even shoot for?

How do I fix poor metrics, anyway?

Metrics are a critical part of monitoring the financial and operational health of your clinic—but no one said tracking them was easy.  It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which metrics to focus on—let alone why and how to fix them. Luckily, you have a league of expert WebPTers in your corner. We whipped up an easy-to-reference KPI guide you can use to identify tried-and-true benchmarks at the drop of a hat. Or, if you’re in the mood to dive deeper into strategies for improving your clinic’s performance in a particular area, you can peruse tons of great advice sourced from our panel of seasoned PT biz pros.  



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“Participate in MIPS with Keet? 100% yes! I mean, it’s insanity to participate without a QCDR and Keet is the best. I’ve talked to other peers in the area who have tried other registry options, and it was a mess. Everyone should get on board with Keet.”
"Total package for your business with WebPT. "
"WebPT delivers. WebPT is an excellent EMR for a private PT practice."
"Hands down the best solution for your practice."
"WebPT offers a seamless solution to run our entire practice."
“Participate in MIPS with Keet? 100% yes! I mean, it’s insanity to participate without a QCDR and Keet is the best. I’ve talked to other peers in the area who have tried other registry options, and it was a mess. Everyone should get on board with Keet.”
“Our patients love Keet! It’s more user-friendly than our prior outcomes vendor, plus it helps them stay on their plan of care and keep connected with therapists.”
“Keet was our easy button. We took our patient experience to the next level by offering patient engagement and outcomes in one solution, enabling us to easily satisfy MIPS requirements, maximize our reimbursement potential, and compete for value-based contracts.”
“The HEP is great! It has tons of exercises…It’s quick and easy for our therapists and techs to find the perfect exercise.”
“When we do Google searches, all of our clinics now rank in slot number one or number two; that is a direct result of WebPT Reach.”
“When physical therapists were announced as eligible for MIPS participants for 2019, it was a no-brainer for us. We were already tracking outcomes in our clinics and had been using Keet to aid in our patient engagement strategy. That’s when we said goodbye to our existing outcomes vendor and realized, “Why would we not just do it all in one system?” Being able to consolidate patient engagement, education, and outcomes into one platform was a huge driver for us.”
“WebPT’s SOAP notes are perfect for any clinic looking to improve the efficiency of documentation to allow for better experience for both the therapist and the patient.”
“WebPT’s Digital Patient Intake has cut down on the time our front desk spends processing paperwork and reduced our carbon footprint. Patients have the option to complete their intake paperwork before the appointment, so our front office teams no longer have to prep, print, scan, and upload intake forms. This decreases waiting room time and gives patients more one-on-one time with the clinician. On average this saves our front desk 10-15 minutes per patient!”
“WebPT Outcomes works great, and it helped me go back to insurance companies and renegotiate reimbursements.”
“WebPT Local has been instrumental to our patient marketing efforts. This powerful tool has helped us rank higher and show in search results more often.”
“WebPT Electronic Benefit Verification has allowed us to improve our workflows and save time. We are able to quickly determine a patient’s benefits with a click of a button, without logging into multiple applications or scanning documents. In today’s healthcare environment, time is money, and workflows need to be consistently improved. eBV takes care of those important steps.”
“The Scheduler has helped with the overall flow of patient care in the clinic, and the appointment reminders have definitely helped decrease no-shows.”
"I recently ordered a hi-lo table, and I could not have had a better experience. The WebPT Marketplace staff kept me updated on my order, including shipping date and delivery time…I’m very pleased. Another great perk of WebPT!"
“I love WebPT’s billing software. It’s so easy to use and has made keeping track of payments so much easier. In fact, WebPT has nearly halved the number of collections I have to do.”
“I chose WebPT RCM because it takes away the headaches. Not only is the team on top of industry compliance changes, but they also provide ample training and support. WebPT is part of our team; I trust them—they’re on our side and always there for me.”
“I am loving Analytics. It’s so easy to gather important data regarding cancellations, visits, open notes, and more. It is invaluable to us.”
“An important and timely addition to the digital health needs of every clinic is remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). Not only can RTM technology support better communication with your patients, but it also can help improve patient adherence and outcomes.
“After a long non-stop day with 90 million things to document, I was almost at the end of my rope—until I remembered I can use InsightGO on my iPhone to dictate objectives and assessments. It literally took me about HALF the time! Since I always carry my iPhone to play my patients’ favorite songs during workouts, this makes my life so much easier.”
"Having this type of technology, I don’t feel the weight [of documentation]. I can be a lot more hands-on with my patients and not have to worry about documenting at eleven o’clock at night."
Jul 2024
"This last CMS audit was the first after starting on the PredictionHealth. We walked them through PredictionHealth and how we were using it to audit 100% of our notes, and they said, ‘Well it looks like you have everything covered,’ and they moved on!"
"Not only have our leads for appointment requests increased by 20%, but our conversion of these leads has been close to 90%! We have appreciated the constant updates in the system, the ability to use QR codes for scheduling, and seeing where all of our leads are coming from monthly in a detailed manner."
"As a smaller clinic far from any major metro area, we found that giving our patients the convenience of requesting their appointments online has proven invaluable. It also sets us apart from our competition and is a great talking point when discussing accessibility from our referral sources."
Apr 2024
"It just made sense: no server, no IT, no updates to buy, Web-based, compliant, simple interface, and constant new features"
Apr 2024
“The customer service is very helpful and easy to get ahold of, and in my experience, they have been able to resolve any issues quickly.”
Apr 2024
“Our access to the WebPT Premium Data Warehouse, investment in a data analyst, and collaboration with the WebPT Reporting Team have given us control of reporting like never before. The end result has dramatically streamlined our data-driven decision-making across the organization.”
Feb 2024
“Once the templates and profiles are in place, they are a major time saver. Having these allows us to do anything and everything related to case management duties— we can see more patients, decrease time spent in training/mentoring, increase time for other case management duties (prep, create home programming, phone calls, parent meetings, etc.), and collaborate with the team of professionals for better patient care.”
"WebPT is more than just and EMR - they are a company who wants private practices to thrive! WebPT strives to continually improve their EMR based specifically on their consumers needs and requests. They are very accessible and customer service is manned by knowledgeable staff whose primary language is english. My practice has utilized the EMR and billing services for almost 4 years. Highly recommend to anyone -even if you are currently utilizing another EMR provider."
“WebPT is a great end-to-end solution. It contains all the proper information for billing, documentation, and status of patients. I highly recommend WebPT to everyone!” “I wish I could recommend WebPT to my friends, but I can’t because all my friends and colleagues already use it. But if you're a therapist who hasn't made the switch yet, I absolutely recommend WebPT!”
"I find WebPT easy to navigate, and most importantly to learn. Our entire staff uses it in some capacity."
"WebPT is at the heart of our business. It’s accelerated our path to success and made us hugely successful as a startup."
"WebPT is very user-friendly and easy to use. WebPT has made it easy to look up ICD-10 codes, and utilizing the smart text increases efficiency in writing up evaluations. WebPT also ensures that the practitioner is adhering to Medicare requirements, which prevents denials. I've been using WebPT for 8 years and have been very happy with it."
"After using other programs, WebPT has been a breath of fresh air and makes my job as a therapist run more smoothly. It was definitely designed with therapists in mind."
“The WebPT Pediatric Module is user-friendly, intuitive, and continually updated based on feedback from therapists who use it…The fields specific to pediatrics automatically appear when the client’s birthday designates them as under 18.”
"WebPT will help you grow your practice sustainably and differentiate yourself from other clinics.”
Oct 2023
“We realized our therapists are not coding right. When we make these changes we get $3–$8 more per one code per day that's $6,000 more per year for one provider.”
“The WebPT team delivered. The rollout and use of WebPT have gone smoothly…The integration and implementation process was very well done. The onboarding team was very responsive [and] WebPT is committed to meeting the needs of our network.”
May 2023
"Most therapists and front office staff have already had WebPT experience and it doesn't require a lot of training for new hires. Very user friendly."
Aug 2023
"Great for therapy practices that want it all in one program. With EMR, HEP handouts with online digital access, digital intake, and the ability to flow right into billing electronically—it really streamlines the process."
Dec 2023
"Total package for your business with WebPT. "
Dec 2023
"Robust, proven end-to-end platform that delivers enormous value for the investment. It is well-suited to any size PT practice that wants to have an integrated platform to maximize front- and back-office automation. It is well-suited to a practice with many PTs, where the owner seeks to optimize and/or standardize treatment approaches across the team."
Dec 2022
"WebPT has been simple to use, and the onboarding team was wonderful and flexible. As a newer small business, WebPT has been an invaluable part of getting our business off the ground. We are over 1 year into our business, and it is still meeting all of our needs. I have used several other EMR systems, and they are much more difficult to use."
Dec 2022
"I have been very happy with the services provided by Web PT and they are adaptable to outpatient physical and occupational therapy."
Jan 2023
"We started out very small and their price/services met all of our needs. We continue to grow and they meet all of our demands."
Jan 2023
"WebPT was well suited for our business to slowly launch and begin to treat patients in 2019. It was easy to begin and start using on a small scale. I enjoy the ease of use of the system. I also like how professional the documentation looks once a therapist signs off."
Jan 2023
"I find WebPT to be very user friendly and necessary for my PT business needs. It is easy for me to document notes and fax them to doctors. The documentation is set up to include everything I need to bill insurance companies and I have had no problems receiving reimbursement."
Feb 2023
"WebPT delivers. WebPT is an excellent EMR for a private PT practice."
Feb 2023
"We utilize WebPT for our physical therapy patients. The product allows us to be more compliant, it's user friendly, and makes billing extremely easy."
Feb 2023
"WebPT is great!"
Feb 2023
"Making the move from paper charts to electronic medical records was a breeze with WebPT!"
Feb 2023
"Hands down the best solution for your practice."
Feb 2023
"Great for those that bill insurance as the integration from WebPT to TheraBill is seamless. EDI billing through Therabill is some of the best in the industry. It is mostly point & click submission and reconciliation which needs little actual knowledge of billing/coding."
Feb 2023
"WebPT is a great solution for private PT practices. It works great for staying on top of the complex medical landscape involving regulatory, legal, and third party billing compliance. They have an easy to use system for MIPS and are on top of the latest trends in the industry."
Feb 2023
"Customization, integration, and more time for patient care. WebPT does a fantastic job of integrating customization with formatted pre-designed evaluative soap notes and revisit notes, which gives more time to the patient and opportunity to work smarter in a time that demands a lot of emphasis to documentation."
Mar 2023
"WebPT will keep your practice compliant without more work. I think that the scheduling and documentation system are well done, it is very very nice that WebPT keeps up with all the changing compliance issues/requirements so that the clinician can focus on taking care of the patient. WebPT allows for easy continuity from visit to visit so that the clinician can track what was done previously and then make easy adjustments. "
Mar 2023
"WebPT is has been very useful and complememtary to our needs and values. We use WebPT for scheduleing, reporting, documentation, HEP, outreach, and Payment Processing. We have had very good outcomes with all aspects of the software and would highly reccomend to any of our collegues. As a patient client care coordinator specifically the most beneficial aspect to WebPT I have found is the cusomization of the schedule to best suite all our scheduling needs as well as reporting for productivity, authorization tracking, and missed notes."
Apr 2023
"The customer service is top notch! Anytime I need anything I can call or email and get a response almost immediately. Web PT has made my job as the manager so much easier."
Apr 2023
"WebPT Rocks!"
Apr 2023
"Customization is key. Literally. The ability to customize the schedule, the ability to write notes without signatures, the ability to create individual cases within a chart. Those are all things I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I appreciated greatly in WebPT."
Apr 2023
"WebPT offers a seamless solution to run our entire practice."
Apr 2023
"EMR that produces excellence."