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30 Perfect Gifts for Speech-Language Pathologists

If an SLP has touched your life this year, show them how you appreciate them with the perfect gift for the holidays.

Erica McDermott
5 min read
December 2, 2022
image representing 30 perfect gifts for speech-language pathologists
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Speech-language pathologists, speech therapists, and audiologists help people better connect with their friends, family, and peers every single day. Verbal communication is one of the main building blocks of human relationships, and it’s something most of us take for granted. So, if an SLP has touched your life in some way this year, now’s the time to show them how much you appreciate it. Finding a thoughtful, personal gift for a speech therapist can be a time-consuming endeavor—who wants to spend hours scrolling through endless pages of “SLP shirt” results when they could be snacking on cookies and eggnog?

Luckily, we’ve already done the necessary work for you. Below, you’ll find a list of our favorite SLP gifts, organized by category. Consider these gift ideas for speech therapists our gift to you. Cheers!

Workplace Widgets

To begin, let’s check out some workplace upgrades guaranteed to relieve some of the daily stress and fatigue SLPs experience.

  1. Most outpatient clinics require their therapists not only to be mobile, but to also carry a laptop or tablet with them throughout the day. As such, the standard hospital tray tables just don’t cut it, so help them out with this mobile desk.
  2. For the coffee or tea drinker who is constantly on the move, nothing can be a better savior than an anti-spill drink holder or this clip-on variant.
  3. Help keep your SLP’s smartphone charged with this sleek mobile desk add-on.
  4. Does that special SLP you’re buying for spend an exorbitant amount of time on their feet? Opt for a memory foam mat to better support their knees, back, feet, and joints.
  5. For the SLP that works primarily in schools or in homecare, help organize their satellite office with a mobile desk.

Baubles and Bling

Is the SLP on your list an accessory aficionado? If so, then this is definitely the section for you. Any of these shiny doodads would be the perfect complement to any ensemble—formal or casual.

  1. Bangle bracelets are fun and funky, so if those words describe the SLP in your life, then they’ll love this charming option.
  2. Not that SLPs need any help in the inspiration department, but this message-focused necklace would make a fantastic wearable keepsake.
  3. Okay, so you can’t actually give the gift of time, but this decked-out watch will help any busy SLP stay on schedule in style.
  4. Lots of SLPs have to wear the same boring ID card to work every day, but this bejeweled badge holder will add some sparkle to their daily ensembles. 
  5. While this customizable speech therapist ornament isn’t meant to be worn by your favorite SLP, it can certainly help accentuate a holiday tree. 

Flair You Can Wear

While SLPs specialize in the spoken word, the written messages scrawled on these items of clothing have significant meaning to this special group of people. Plus, some of them are downright hilarious—and who doesn’t love a jolly good laugh this time of year? 

  1. Know an SLP with a funny bone? This comical cartoon shirt is sure to elicit a chuckle or two. (You can also find it as a crew neck sweatshirt here and as a baby onesie here.)
  2. Ahoy, matey! Whether your humor-loving SLP prefers land or sea, this pirate-themed shirt is a great gift option.
  3. If your favorite SLP just had a baby, consider sending this speech-therapy themed baby bodysuit or this bib (or this one).
  4. Most SLPs could write pronunciation keys in their sleep, and this t-shirt takes that unique skill and turns it into a clever way for speech therapists to show everyone just how much they love their profession. To browse a whole page of smile-worthy speech-themed tees, click here (seriously, there are so many good SLP gifts here).
  5. This SLP-themed shirt from 3E Love is one of our all-time faves, and with good reason. Click here to check out the inspirational story behind the brand.
  6. As this custom applique tee suggests, that annoyingly catchy Bonnie Raitt tune could totally be the theme song for speech-language pathology.

The Art of Therapy

Creating a speech therapy program is a lot like creating art: It requires great passion, vision, and patience. These pieces embody the fusion of the visual and auditory senses, making them well-suited additions to any SLP clinic, office, or waiting room.

  1. Bright, light, and cheerful, this quartet of SLP-specific framed artwork is sure to perk up any SLP room or office.
  2. Give your favorite SLP a poster that’s as dynamic as their personality with this awareness-inspired sound wave wall art. Or try another piece inspired by soundwaves that incorporates the colors of the rainbow. 
  3. This delightfully colorful metal placard serves as an invitation (and reminder) for your favorite speech therapist’s clients of the importance of strength, kindness, and love for oneself and others. 
  4. Throw a gallery frame around this anatomy art, and you’ll have a conversation (pun intended) piece that any SLP will appreciate.
  5. Help your favorite SLP add a little personalized style at home or the office with these decorative nameplates

Fun and Functional

Many people write off practical gifts as a holiday no-no, but we know we’re not the only ones who would rather receive any of the items below in place of the ubiquitous holiday fruitcake. 

  1. It might not be feasible to give your SLP a beach vacation, but you can definitely give them this groovy beach towel.
  2. If you know an SLP who appreciates a little snark in the morning, this clever coffee mug might be just the gift you’re looking for. If your SLP is more of a hot cocoa person, check out this chocolate-themed cup. Or, if your therapist is always on the go, take a peek at this thoughtful travel tumbler!
  3. Know an SLP who appreciates a nice, cold after-work beverage? Then, they might like this vintage-logoed pint glass.
  4. Gift this sweet tote bag is perfect for the SLP in your life who is no longer practicing but hasn’t lost one bit of love for the profession.
  5. If your favorite speech therapist has a sweet tooth, then consider sending some adorable SLP-themed cookies on a stick. Who doesn’t love chocolate and sprinkles?
  6. We wouldn’t want to leave out your SLP’s significant other—we know they’re important, too. So, here’s a “My ♡ Belongs to a Speech Therapist” decal that’s perfect for that other half.
  7. Half the fun of owning a reusable water bottle is that you can customize it to your liking! These dishwasher-safe SLP sticker bundles are perfect for the environmentally conscious, decor-loving SLPs in your life. They can also be used to liven up a journal, laptop, or phone.
  8. Have a speech therapy teacher in your life? Consider gifting this picture book (which is loosely based on the classic story, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”) titled, “There Was a Speech Teacher Who Swallowed Some Dice.” 

Words of Appreciation

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones written from the heart.

  1. Looking to express your appreciation in writing this year? Check out these thank you greeting cards, sure to give your SLP all the feels.

There you go: our top speech-language pathologist gift ideas for 2022. Now that you can check one more person off of your shopping list, you’ll have more time to start addressing all those family holiday cards. And, speaking of checking people off your list, if you have an occupational therapist or physical therapist you still need to shop for, we have gift ideas for them as well. 

Have a gift suggestion that isn’t included here? Leave a comment below to share it with the world.


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