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Motivation to Be Better in 2013

As December comes to a close, I thought I’d use that inspiration to look forward. What will motivate me to achieve greatness in 2013?

Brad Jannenga
5 min read
December 31, 2012
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Today's blog post comes from Brad Jannenga, President and CTO of WebPT. 

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Over the last month, I’ve spent some time reviewing all the amazing posts we’ve had on the topic of inspiration, and as December comes to a close, I thought I’d use that inspiration to look forward. What will motivate me to achieve greatness in 2013?

When I think of motivation, the first thing that comes to mind is my incredible wife and fellow WebPT co-founder, Heidi. I thought I had an incredible work ethic, and then I met Heidi. Honestly, she runs circles around me. And that propels me to do better—be better—for her, our beautiful daughter, our awesome team, and the amazing WebPT community we’ve built together.

As I’m writing this, I realize that one of the most inspiring elements is available to us all, every day: the morning—daybreak, sunrise. Nowadays we’re immersed in chaos. Life is hectic, fast moving, and at times, overwhelming. While some folks say the morning only intensifies this stress, as they slam their alarm clock off and groggily roll out of bed, I say such isn’t so—so long as you beat the clock—and I don’t mean literally. I like to wake up before my alarm and soak up the stillness, the peacefulness, and the meditative quietness of daybreak before the morning rush. In those few moments of simplicity and serenity, I reset and reflect. Each morning there’s potential—a new world of opportunity—and I can take everything I’ve learned in the days past and decide how I’m going to use my experiences to evolve, progress, and truly grow.

As I learn and grow, I remind myself that I must stay true to the qualities that have served as my driving force—the principles that’ve always inspired me: authenticity and honesty. Back in the day, a handshake meant a lot—it meant your word—and it’s refreshing to see there are still people today who place the same amount of value in this simple gesture. Unfortunately, there are many who seem to exist behind a wall of superficiality—behind sugar coating, double talk, flattery, and unilaterally self-serving intentions. And, while I admit that nowadays businesses have to have a certain degree of CYA—because everyone else does—it’s the people behind the companies who should be genuine and translate that genuineness into meaningful interpersonal experiences and interactions. It wasn’t long ago that everyone knew the value of one’s words and what a handshake meant. I want to help people remember. I want to set an example in my personal life and my professional one that being authentic and honest are strengths of character—ones that will lead to success, happiness, and ultimately, a better, friendlier world.

And with that, I welcome 2013. I’m ready to commit to more mornings of reflection, to an attitude of authenticity, and most importantly, to continue to be better for my family, my friends, my team, and our Members.

What about you? What will motivate you to achieve greatness in 2013 and beyond?


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