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WebPT EMR Adds a Pediatric-Focused Module

Pediatric rehab community asked EMR providers to focus on specialty practices like Peds for a long time. WebPT has answered the call.

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April 15, 2011
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WebPT EMR Adds a Pediatric-Focused Module

Today, we’re announcing a new feature of WebPT that focuses on Pediatrics…finally!  The Pediatric rehab community has been shouting for EMR providers to focus on specialty practices like Peds for a long time.  WebPT has answered the call.

Top 10 Benefits of the new Pediatric-focused module:

  1. A more specific SOAP template
  2. Pediatric tests loaded right into the system
  3. Quit working around a too-general EMR
  4. Ability to work in any environment with Mobile capability
  5. Comprehensive Pediatrics Objective Tests
  6. Intuitive patient form based on patient age
  7. Pediatrics specific billing codes
  8. Better managed patient health
  9. Re-capture lost time and resources with streamlined documentation
  10. Better managed patient health

Our new Pediatrics module will allow Pediatrics providers a new freedom in their therapy documentation. WebPT is the only web-based and mobile capable EMR to offer such a robust documentation template for this specialty discipline.

Some therapists working in Pediatrics prefer to work in the home of the patient with the family involved. Using a web-based system unlocks many previously unattainable possibilities. WebPT integrates with any mobile technology that has a reliable Internet connection. This basic benefit of the system will be indispensible to those Pediatrics providers who visit their patients in their homes. 

The WebPT Pediatrics module is meant to empower therapists by providing a form for documentation that was specifically designed with the unique needs of a Pediatric specialist in mind. There will no longer be a need for cumbersome workarounds to make a system designed for other rehab specialties work for Pediatrics. This solution will allow the therapists to focus on what matters most - patient care.


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