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Q&A With the 2022 Ascend Practice of the Year

Read our interview with this year’s Ascend Practice of the Year, Dynamix Physical Therapy co-founder Russ Huffstetler.

Sarah Gray
5 min read
June 14, 2022
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Every year, WebPT hosts the Ascend business summit, which includes bestowing the Practice of the Year award on one standout clinic. This year, we selected a practice known for its drive, compassion, and exceptional company culture: Dynamix Physical Therapy

Dynamix is one of the largest private practices in the state of Tennessee and has continuously grown throughout the pandemic. Not only have they been able to retain every single staff member, but they have also hired more employees and have made numerous physical improvements to their clinics. Over the past year, Dynamix has grown exponentially, adding two more clinics to the West Tennessee region—making a grand total of 12—and signing new physical therapists to their team.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Russ Huffstetler, DPT, co-owner of Dynamix Physical Therapy about Dynamix PT’s success. Check out the interview below. 

Dynamix has grown quite a bit lately—you were on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies for the last two years. What would you say are the key drivers of this growth?

We were humbled to be named an Inc. 5000 Company for two consecutive years. The key drivers of this growth include investing in our team, supporting our communities, and our team’s dedication to giving the best care to our customers. Without these three drivers, we would not be as successful as we are today.

Tell me a bit about Dynamix Physical Therapy. What makes your clinic stand out to your patients and the community?

Dynamix Physical Therapy is West Tennessee’s, and soon to be the Mid-South’s, leader in physical therapy and sports medicine. Our customized approach to care has established us as the elite provider for orthopedic and athletic rehabilitation.

We specialize in manual therapy, a hands-on based treatment that isn’t often offered in our rural region. Our team of therapists are all certified in advanced dry needling, and we have therapists who are CIMT certified through the rigorous courses offered by Great Lakes Seminars. Our team of professionals—from the clinic directors, therapists, and PTAs, to our front desk, administrative team, and technicians—are the best of the best. 

Since opening our first clinic in 2009, we have grown to serve 12 communities throughout West Tennessee. Because we are located in smaller, rural towns, we are very involved with the communities. We sponsor tee ball teams, school fundraisers, town festivals, luncheons, banquets, and more—and we are out there working, supporting and loving on the communities.

What is the culture like at Dynamix and how have you maintained your values as you expand?

The culture at Dynamix is very unique for the healthcare industry. When hired, all team members are required to take the Enneagram Test, which helps our leadership team and other coworkers know the best ways to communicate with new team members and work together to be successful for both the team and our patients. 

We also have built a great company culture by investing in our team members. We offer monthly “Training Camps,” where all clinicians come together for one afternoon for a special course or speaker. We host “Team Ups” every month at individual clinics, where every clinic participates in their own team building activity. And we also host quarterly “Family Reunions,” bringing everyone in the company together for a special morning of team building activities and fellowship. 

At Dynamix, we follow six core values: 

  • Go Beyond: Go beyond in all aspects of customer service, delivering a “wow” experience to individuals who allow us to take part in their care.
  • Team Up: Team up in driving a purpose that transcends one person.
  • Be Humble: Be humble but confident in realizing that with success comes challenge, but during these times we rely on one another.  
  • Create Fun: Create fun in every moment while cherishing the relationships you are building.
  • Cultivate Growth: Cultivate growth by realizing the need for continued development spiritually, personally and professionally.
  • Drive Change: Drive change by blazing a path rather than following a path.  

We recruit for the right talent who whole-heartedly believe in these as much as our leadership team and founders.

I know you have worked quite a bit with many rural and underserved schools and athletes. Can you tell us about your work in the community?

We currently offer sports medicine coverage, pro bono, for 12 of our 17 school partners and sports teams throughout West Tennessee. Our team of certified athletic trainers (ATCs) is out on the fields, in the gyms, or at the ballparks, making sure student athletes have help if and when they get injured. The ATCs also do weekly school checks with the schools they cover, making sure the athletes are stretching, eating right, and avoiding any injury-prone activities or exercises. 

Our clinicians at each location are very involved in the communities. Almost every clinic participates in a local festival, such as the World’s Largest Fish Fry in Paris, Tenn. or the popular West Tennessee Strawberry Festival in Humboldt, Tenn. We ride through Christmas parades, as well as sponsor multiple summer leagues. This year, our Millington team will be volunteering at the local library to pass out free books for children and read to them.

What has been one of the biggest lessons learned as a business owner?

If you create a product of value, all of the key performance indicators will follow. In order to create a “wow” customer experience, you must first foster a “wow” team experience. Focus on creating a valuable customer experience and customers will not price check your product or service.

What does being named the Ascend Practice of the Year mean to you?

It represents a launching point in the advancement of Dynamix Physical Therapy. This recognition provides confirmation to our exceptionally talented team that we are accomplishing something very special which transcends any one person. We are beyond excited to represent the physical therapy industry as Ascend Practice of the Year.

What’s next for Dynamix Physical Therapy?

Dynamix has amassed a team of professionals both on the clinical side and administrative side to support exponential growth. Ultimately, Dynamix intends to leave a lasting legacy on the rehab profession through pursuing our mission: to be the bright spot in our customers’ day while pursuing excellence in healthcare and service. Expect big news and ideas to be generated from this team in the coming months and years.

Want to learn more about Dynamix Physical Therapy? Check out the practice’s website, or give Dynamix a follow on Facebook or Instagram


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