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Parking Perks Aid Company Culture

Parking perks can be pretty tantalizing—not to mention cooling. WebPT offers three kinds of special parking spaces. Click here to learn more.

Charlotte Bohnett
5 min read
August 8, 2013
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Today's blog post comes from the WebPT Content Crew: Senior Writer Charlotte Bohnett, Contributing Writer Erica Cohen, and Junior Writer Brooke Andrus.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to win some nice accolades. Recently, we won Best Companies AZ’s 2013 Arizona Most Admired Companies honor. We feel such an award is a direct result of our company’s culture.

In our never-ending quest to be innovators, we are always looking for new ways to incorporate such award-winning culture—specifically, things like our dedication to familial support, environmental responsibility, and peer recognition—into our day-to-day operations. That’s why we decided to introduce some parking perks. Granted, we’re a medium-sized company, and in no way are our employees sprinting through shopping mall-size lots. However, we do reside—basically—on the surface of the sun, and there are limited covered parking spaces. Thus, parking perks can be pretty tantalizing—not to mention cooling.

WebPT offers three kinds of special parking spaces:

1. Stork Parking

Expectant mothers get convenient, front row spaces. We are a family at WebPT, so we make every effort to ensure our company is family-oriented and supportive of working parents.

2. Lightning Bolt Parking

Those who drive hybrid or electric vehicles and motorcycles get prime spots. As Heidi explained in our April founder letter, we strive to be environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. Thus, we applaud those who use fuel-efficient transportation—and grant them primo parking. (As a side note, we also offer a reward program for carpoolers and public transit users.)

3. Rockstar-of-the-Month Parking

Each month, our Culture Team will recognize a WebPT team member who has exemplified one of our six culture commitments. He or she then enjoys premiere parking for that month.

We didn’t write this post just to toot our own horn. Rather, we thought it might give you a few ideas of perks you could introduce in your own business. In fact, some of you are already adding such incentives in an effort to strengthen your own company culture and brand loyalty.

Take New Jersey’s Body Solutions, Inc., for example: they offer discounts to patients who use hybrid cars. And full-time employees of Central Physical Therapy and Fitness in Seattle “can select monthly bus passes as part of their benefits package, and any patient who walks, cycles, or takes public transportation to the clinic [receives] a bus ticket for future use,” according to an article titled “PTs and PTAs Going Green.” And while the bus tickets do cost the clinic—roughly $15 a month according to clinic co-owner Jutta Schneider, PT, MSPT—the small expenditure creates a goodwill vibe, contributes to their green efforts, and has won the clinic both clients and staff.

There are also countless other clinics—and businesses—that offer different types of preferred parking. Are you one of them? Tell us in the comments. Does your practice offer any parking perks to employees or patients? How do such perks influence company culture or brand loyalty?


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